Marital Discord?
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Cindy says her marriage of 15 years was on the rocks and nothing, including marriage counseling, seemed to help. "My husband started complaining all the time and became very critical. I would snap back at him and then we would end up in these nasty arguments. I used to dread it when it was time for him to come home. Then a doctor diagnosed him as being depressed. Since being treated for it, he is a lot more fun to be around. We still have a lot of things to work on, but we are making real progress for the first time in years."

Depression and other mood disorders can cause a person to feel and act in ways that can wreck a marriage. Many symptoms make someone difficult to live with and unpleasant to be around. A person with a mood disorder may be:

1. Sensitive to criticism and easily hurt.

2. Irritable, argumentative and impatient.

3. Prone to temper outbursts or verbal and physical abuse.

4. Erratic and unpredictable in mood and behavior.

5. Demanding and insistent on having their own way.

6. Overly critical of their spouse, nagging, complaining, difficult to satisfy.

7. Unhappy with themselves and their lives. Pessimistic about the future.

8. Anxious and prone to excessive worry.

9. Unable to forget or forgive wrongs done to them by their spouse and in-laws.

10. Easily stressed, feel constantly pressured and unable to relax and enjoy life.

11. Tired or unmotivated.

12. Emotionally distant, unable to feel or express love for their spouse and children.

If your spouse has a mood disorder, you can learn what to say and do, that can help you, your spouse and your relationship. Marriages wrecked by depression and other mood disorders can be saved! The first step is to learn about depressive illness and its treatment.

(Source: Posted on a depression support group site on

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