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Psychiatrist Shortage
How To Spot Mood Disorder
Understanding Mood Disorders
Madness Revisited
Making Peace with Mental Illness
Positive Reinforcement and Self Esteem                       by Ed
Smoking and Mental Illness
Quiet Times   Moments of quiet contemplation amid placid waters
People Should Have Tails
Mental Illness and Movies
Suicided Musicians
Famous Bipolars 1
Famous BP's 2
Famous BPs 3
Famous BPs 4
BP Songs 1
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Audio Files
Briefing Paper
Poems to Ponder
BP Etiquette
Marital Discord?
Going to Extremes
Surgeon Gen Report
Myth of Mental Illness
Mental Health
Bipolar disorder
Soft Bipolar
New Years Resolution
Mutant Gene
Denial to Acceptance
Bipolar disorder
Rapid Cycling
Call Doctor
Don't be a Victim
Roller Coaster
BP and Heredity
Bipolar Genetics
Getting Help in Mass.


It is in this area that you will find articles about bipolar disorder that don't fit into the other specified sections.

When to Call Your Psychiatrist  is an article that answers that question - sometimes we find it hard to know when we should be contacting him or her.

The following brochures and booklets are available in the .pdf format

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bulletLiving With Bipolar II
bulletBipolar Overview 2002
bulletA Story of Bipolar Disorder 

After twenty-eight years of symptoms, on-again off-again episodes of depression with anxiety, dark thoughts and blue moods interspersed with high energy phases and irritable outbursts, at age forty-five, I was finally diagnosed with a bipolar II mood disorder, a form of manic depression. For the first time, I had the right medical words to understand myself. I wasn’t a mad, a bad or a sad person, just a person with a mood disorder. After decades of brain problems, no wonder I was anxious.

bulletOfficial Newsletter for International Society for Bipolar Disorders
bulletViolence and Mental Illness
bulletWork as a Priority
bulletBipolar Disorder  - from NIMH
bulletBipolar Disorder Research  - NIMH
bulletBipolar Disorder Pamphlet
bulletNIH Dept Health and Services Budget 2004

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