Self Injury
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Self Injury (SI)...many are ashamed to talk about it, most feel guilt if they are doing it, several wonder about it, others can not begin to understand why or how someone would/could do this to themselves.  Often this is called the "silent epidemic" as the person with SI tries to hide the injuries inflicted upon themselves.

More than 1 percent of the population are said to be self injurers. The largest group are females between the ages of 15 and 25, however, 1 in every 3 self injurers are men.  Countless people who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder are also self injurers.

One important thing to understand about self injury, is that the person is usually NOT trying to commit suicide.

Another is that the person does not need to be admonished or scorned...they get enough of this from themselves.  

They do need understanding and support from family, friends psychiatrists, and fellow SI sufferers.  The best way to offer support is to read as much as you can about the topic.

It is for this reason that we wanted to create a special links page.  Listed below you will find ample web links and numerous books listed.

We at Bipolar World recommend the following site by Deb Martinson.  In almost every site we visited, Deb's site was referred to as the most complete and best site on self injury.  This is a site that we have always referred our members to as well.
If you suffer from SI or just want to learn more about it please start here first.


Books (all available at

Women Living with Self Injury by Jane Wegscheider Hyman

Understanding Self-Injury by Kristy Trautmann

Healing the Hurt Within by Jan Sutton

The Scarred Soul by Tracy Alderman


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