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Pregnancy, Breast-feeding, and Drugs   


Class of
Comments Teratogenicity Effects on Newborn from Exposure During Pregnancy Found in breastmilk
Antidepressants There is inconclusive data on whether the rate of miscarriages is increased with antidepressants.  MAOI's and buproprion have not been studied widely in humans Not established
bulletFor tricyclic antidepressants, effects on newborn can include drowsiness and difficulty urinating
bulletFor serotonin type antidepressants effects on newborn can include restlessness and difficulty sleeping
Antipsychotics Antipsychotics may be preferred over lithium for bipolar patients during the first trimester.  The lowest possible dose is recommended Not suspected
bulletLow motor activity
(valproic acid &
  All are known or suspected to be teratogens (producing fetal malformations)
bulletsuspected risk of spinal bifida
Lithium Historically, lithium use has not been advised during pregnancy.  However, your doctor might consider lithium safer than anticonvulsants in the second and third trimester - with very close monitoring Known
bulletpossible malformation of the heart valve
Yes - to a high degree
Benzodiazepines Avoid in first trimester Some are known teratogens
bulletLow motor activity and drowsiness
bulletPossible drug withdrawal

From:  Consumer's Guide to Psychiatric Drugs
John D. Preston, Psy.D., John H. O'Neal, M.D., Maru C. Talaga, R.Ph., M.A.
New Habinger Publications, 1999


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