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Scientology and Tom Cruise
by Tammy Potts OKelley -
an excellent article - is stigma neverending?

Victims or Perpetrators
Violence in Bipolar -
by Graham Brown

Soft Bipolar   An overview -
by Graham Brown

New Articles
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Mental Illness and Movies
interesting topic for movie buffs  and advocates of bipolar disorder  being portrayed factually on the big screen -

Bipolar Disorder
and Care Giving

Two new pages in the
art gallery!

Teens & BP -
Barb Bergman

Famous Bipolars 1 - 4 -
75 short bios and pictures
of famous bipolars

Generic Meds List

Meds & Kidneys

What are Psychotic

Suicide Safety Plan

Bipolar Coping Strategies


OOPS!  A Christmas Tree I forgot to take down!

Bipolar World wishes to introduce you to our newest bipolar columnists.  Put your feet up and start to read Steve Surgener's articles Here - You are guaranteed to be entertained!  We'd like to thank Steve for joining our family here at Bipolar World

New Personal Stories:  

Video Files Bipolar Disorder

Audio Files Bipolar Disorder

BP Songs (7 pages of bp songs
with lyrics)

A Little Messed Up - a collection of young actors who have played a character that has experienced mental hardships and

New from Chris York

Bipolar Disorder and Transference

Coming Up from Chris -

1. Bipolar Disorder and The Shadow
2. Bipolar Disorder and Delusions
3. Bipolar Disorder and Astrological Symbolism
4. Bipolar Disorder and Mythology
5. Bipolar Disorder and It's Origins

Bipolar Specific Newsfeed

The Kodiak Award 2004-2005 (jduff)

Dump the Stigma and Focus on Recovery - by Andy Behrans (Electroboy)

Articles from Our Columnists

Mind Over Matter  - by Graham Brown

Hurry Up and Wait!  - by Graham Brown

Sounds - by Graham Brown

The World Within -  by Graham Brown

Victims or Perpetrators - by Graham Brown

Today - by Graham Brown

Toss Me A Lettuce Leaf - by Storm

Orbiting the Black Hole - by Graham

My Personal pharmacy - Graham Brown

You Okay? by T Lee Heart

More Bipolar Dreams - Graham Brown

Is Australia Bipolar by Graham Brown

A Touch of Serenity  by Graham Brown

L'Chaim  by Graham

We are all Different  by Storm

Look,Act,Sound,Seem  by Storm

Family Advocacy  - by Terry