Bipolar Relationships
with David Schafer Ed. M.



Relationships can cause problems even at the best of times...
whether it be relationships between SO's (significant other's -
husband and wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, parent and child,
teacher and student or any other type of close relationship.

When the mood changes of bipolar disorder, and all the
attendant problems are thrown into the mix, the problems seem
to multiply.  You have been asking for several years for help with
relationships and we heard you. Watch for an announcement in
the next couple of weeks of the opening of our Relationships

It will operate in a similar fashion to our Ask the Doctor area,
which has operated successfully for six years. We will ask you to
send in your letters asking advice for the problems you have
been having and David will answer anonymously in his column.

Let's give David a warm and hearty Bipolar World
















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