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The goal of all interactive pages within the Bipolar World community is the comfort and safety of all who choose to participate.  Within these pages anyone diagnosed with bipolar disorder may speak without criticism and be accepted for who they are. With this in mind, the following are the guidelines enforced in the above areas.


1. Treat each other with respect, i.e. as you would like to be treated yourself.   Remember that everyone has a bad day every now and then so someone may be irritable on any given day but flaming is not acceptable.

2. Every member is entitled to privacy if he/she chooses.

3. While a “light touch” – joking etc is an important part of sharing and support if someone needs special support please make it a priority.

4. Suicidal ideation and discussion is permitted (identified in the subject line by the word SPOILER) with the caveat that anyone who is actively suicidal calls 911.

5. Disagreements are permitted…arguments are not.  If you have a personal issue with someone discuss it by private e-mail or contact one of the moderators if it is a list issue or you need an opinion.

6. No foul language permitted.  An occasional “slip” won’t get you banned but be aware of abusing it.  The "F" word is never permitted.   Many people are offended by foul language.

7. You are encouraged to make friends with people you feel safe and comfortable with.  Exchange personal e-mail addresses.  ICQ or other instant messenger numbers may be listed on your profile by going to Yahoo Groups at, choosing the bipolarworld list and modifying your profile.

8. We strongly recommend that you also leave a contact telephone number in your profile that we might call if needed.

9. When a post contains subject matter that may be disturbing to other members of the list please identify such posts by using the word *Spoiler* in the subject line. List members should have a choice about whether they wish to read these posts or not. Disruptive topics and discussions will not be tolerated.

10.  As non-professionals we can not and must not give medical advice

11.   A 36 hour time frame exists for topics that do not include the
whole group. After 36 hours it must be taken back channel (private email).

12.  Topics should be identified in the subject line and kept in "threads" as much as possible.  If the subject matter of a thread changes the subject line should be changed to reflect this.

13.  Any posts that contain racial, sexual or any other bigoted overtones such as eating disorders, religious connotations, fat jokes or any other subject that may offend someone are not acceptable. Please think before you send. This could be a 
post sent to you.

14.  Website Referrals may be sent for information purposes only. Occasionally people send websites for benefits for mental health charities and these are acceptable. Websites for your own profit are called SPAM and are NOT ever acceptable.

15.  The purpose of the list is support and information. Remember that members are from all levels, some newly diagnosed and some diagnosed over twenty years ago. No question is "silly" or "stupid" and every question deserves a respectful response. Remember also, that no matter how long a person has been diagnosed he/she needs support. This list needs to be a comfortable and safe place for all members. 

16.  PLEASE NO posting in colored text!  It's way too hard on the eyes and many are complaining.

                                  Yahoo Group List Moderators 

Moderators are individuals who have volunteered their time to keep the list running smoothly for everyone.  They are here to answer your questions and may be emailed directly if you have a question you prefer to keep off list.  There are many functions a moderator performs each day but the most important one is ensuring that the list is a safe, friendly and comfortable place for all who choose to come here.

John  (list owner) [email protected]
Allie [email protected]
Cheryl                 [email protected]
Nancy [email protected]
Sherri [email protected]


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