We received this information via email in early January from Webmaster.  Hopefully it will be of help to you:

We have recently made some server changes which required the java applets to be upgraded. Regular chat pages served off our web servers are designed so that the updated applets should be downloaded automatically, but the backpack applets are an exception because the web pages they're on aren't loaded from our servers.

Users suddenly experiencing problems loading a backpack chat page (usually this problem will look like the chat is unable to connect after it finishes loading) will need to clear the older applet from their java cache, so that the new applet will be redownloaded. There are two ways to do this, and these instructions are specifically for the Windows version of Java. Go to the Java control panel from the Start Menu, Control Panels. When the Java Control Panel window appears, look for a section titled Temporary Internet Files.

For method #1, if you click the Delete Files... button, you will be asked which type of files to delete. You will want to only select Downloaded Applets. This will remove the backpack applet from cache, but will also remove any Java applets from any other web pages too, which you may not want to do.

For method #2, if you click the Settings... button, you can then click View Applets... to see all the Java applets stored in your cache. From there, select the cr.zip file that is associated with the url
http://backpack.webmaster.com. The file name will actually look like
cr.zip-abunchofnumbers.zip. You can select just that file and delete it. Then, the next time you try to load your backpack chat page, the updated software will be downloaded.


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