Aching Muscles

~by Liz Walker

Upon arising this morning and attempting to remove myself from that wonderful, soft thing known as a bed I realized the results of this my latest workout regime had hit.  I was almost inoperable!!  Every muscle had a mind of its own and all were putting out pain notices.  The mind at the main control center, the brain, still thinks like it's younger than ones' real age in numerical years.  Being Bipolar only adds to this condition.

Ask any practicing one past the age of 40 how old they feel and they'll tend to tell you "oh, about 21".  This is good though because we all know there's a lot of brain cells sitting in storage waiting to be used.  I don't think we have to worry about using them all up.  However the rest of the body has aged right along at the same rate of speed as the calendar tells us.  We can however do things to keep a few years off the body.  

Exercise has always been a way to keep that age monster at bay.  I have been attempting to do just that.  Got the weights out along with the ballet bar and I have been wracking up some numbers.  20 arm lifts with the weights gets me stretched and started.  Then 40 of those little arm circles with 2# weights (I refuse to become one of those women who lift their arms only to find a loose flap of skin swinging back and forth like the neck of a turkey).  

A few crunches for strength in the stomach, then 20 doggie kicks out each side (I always feel like I'm trying to miss a fire hydrant on that one).  I'm also still working on that risperdal roll.  60 swings a day with the ballet bar haven't made much of a dent in that thing.  But the sucker is moving.  I feel like I have the rings of Saturn around my midsection now, but something must be happening.  Why else would I be this sore?

Liz Walker

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