No Humor in Assault
on USA

In light of all that's happened in these last 14 days it's hard to feel like writing much in the line of humor.  I don't even plan on trying.  Yet laughter is good for us and can help a lot in healing.  After I write this I plan on going back to my humor writing.  As a Bipolar I can't handle watching a lot of what the TV media is showing us.  I don't feel that it's healthy for my mind.  I hear enough on the radio and on occasion watch the TV news.  I feel it's important to know the facts of what is happening. 

This was a direct assault on our nation.  I just choose not to watch a lot of the media hype over and over.  I hope we can as a nation, get beyond the usual party politics and just support the ones that are having to go over there and fight.  As someone who was against the Vietnam war and still do feel it was wrong, I also think the way the veterans of that war were treated when they returned home was deplorable.  This time, for the first time since Pearl Harbor we've been attacked on our own shores.  I agree that we have to track down these terrorists and all others that are involved in helping and harboring them.  They are religious fanatics.  They hate and are willing to die for that hate.  This is not what the Islam religion teaches but still their are many that support this regime.  As they have declared war on us we have to fight back.  Unfortunately we have to fight to bring peace back again in this country.  It seems like everyone is flying a flag now.  Fly these flags to show unity in this country.  Let everyone know that we stand together as one.  Then think about what this flag stands for...Freedom. 

Fly it with belief, hope, and pray that we can once again have peace in this country.  Pray to the God of your understanding, as we are a nation of many religions.  This nation was founded to support religious freedom.  We want to keep that freedom.  It's what our forefathers fought for.  I hope now that we can be as courageous as they were.

Liz Walker
September 25, 2001





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