Stoplight Ponderings 
by Liz Walker 
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Driving to the bank today I stopped at yet another red light. One I've stopped at many times. The usual four lanes of traffic pulled to a halt for this thing. As I'm sitting there the cross traffic starts to roll by. A couple of golf carts maxed out at 30mph!! Yes, only in this sleepy southern city would we have such a thing. A thousand cars stopped for the crossing of a couple of golfers on a main street!! Back before the Bipolar beast had taken it's final bite out of my design business I had encountered many future homesites that backed up to these golf courses. Golf is big business in this town! We get more than our share of celebrity and serious golfers. All of your exclusive homes have a golf course in their backyard. I would often stare in amazement as a ball flew by, while working out some details on a plan with a client at the future homesite, wondering why someone would spend extra to live on one of these strips. I'm sure you have to carry higher insurance. These balls move at incredible amounts of speed from dawn to dusk on the fairways. What happens when a stray shot encounters ones home?? These babies can do some serious damage!! I can only imagine what it must be like to be laying by the pool, enjoying a tall glass of ice tea, and have one interrupt the day. A "hole in one" could mean the loss of an entire beverage! Worse yet one could probably shatter the glass of a window, hit someone on the head inside the home, leaving them only a shadow of their former self. We're talking the need of some major medical coverage!! Of coarse many of the players of this game are often doctors themselves. Try and rustle up one's family physician on a sunny midweek afternoon and you're far more likely to find them hitting small white balls around a graceful green than sitting bedside with a patient. I'm beginning to think about looking into some of my investments. Perhaps "Golf " is a smarter choice in long range planning than your standard retirement packages. We'll have to see how this one Pars up!!



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