Morning Haze
aka "The Tale of Zip Lock"


Trying to unlock anything in today's society tends to usually have it's obstacles. Being over 40 and also bipolar certainly doesn't help. 

When I get up early the previous night's meds are still having an effect on me. I also haven't been able to bring myself to wear a pair of bifocal glasses. This means my glasses tend to spend some time on my forehead.

I was up preparing my boyfriends lunch pack. Shouldn't be a problem. It's usually something that gets me functioning and ready to face the day ahead with somewhat of a clear mind.

The other mornings reseal package was more than any human could possibly tackle though. I cut it open on the perforated line per manufacturers directions. I got down to the zipper but their was no way I could see to get in that package of meat. 

I called my boyfriend in desperation finally. Of course he's also in this early morning bipolar haze. He tried and said "get two pair of pliers!!!" I replied "pliers? hell, we need a kid for this operation!!" However I got the pliers and we attempted to gain entry in to this package. No luck. We pulled and yanked without success. The seal wouldn't budge. We did get a morning workout trying though. 

We finally gave up and cut the zipper off. Finally! Access to this thing. We had meat out in the open air! The bag would never reseal again but I could make his sandwich. I finished his lunch. Didn't use a zip lock bag for the sandwich but the rest of his lunch was secured in a lot of these safe vacuum sealed, safety containers. 

One does wonder how we made it through life before all these all reseal and safety packages were available.

Liz Walker
August 8,2001


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