Remember: All Teachers arenít life Touchers.  But All

Life touchers Are Definitely Teachers.

Happy Life Touching By Bill Sanders




Give examples

Teach a subject 

Try to change other's

Concentrate on grades

Are interested in teaching 

Help students get thru test

Demand answers to the questions 

Have a room full of short aduits

Know their subject matter

Call kids winners or losers

Label kids with periods

Know what is thought 

Have bad bunches

Talk the message



 Life Toucher



Are examples

Are subject to touching Lives while teaching life lesson's

Change what they donít like "by changing what they have to look at or change the way they look at it

Help student concentrate and grade their own progress

Are interested as teachers

Help people get thru life

Encourage questions of the answers

Have a class full of human beings

know what to do when the subject dosenít matter

 Realizes we are all choosers

Help people find themselves

Know itís whatís thought that countís

Taking full responsibility for the learning atmosphere in their classroom

Walk the message



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