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Benjamin Kalkstein (Kodiak)
August 25, 1950 - August 25, 2000
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Park Bench purchased by Ben's colleague's at
EPA and dedicated to him.  (plaque below)


Bipolar World's Message Board Monitor 1999-2000

Quietly and without fanfare or expectation of return he offered support to hundreds of individuals 
across the internet with Bipolar Affective Disorder.  He used his abundant knowledge and ability to
make a difference in the lives of many, and will be sadly missed by all whose lives he touched.

We live in deeds not years,
in thoughts not breaths,
in feelings not figures on a dial.
We should count time by heart throbs.
He most lives who thinks most,
feels the noblest,
acts the best.

Henry Dmockowski-Saunders

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Passing stranger!
You do not know how longingly
I look upon you,
You must be he I was seeking,
Or she I was seeking,
(it comes to me as of a dream,)
I have somewhere surely lived
A life of joy with you...
I am not to speak to you
I am to think of you
When I sit alone or wake at night alone,
I am to wait,
I do not doubt
I am to meet you again,
I am to see to it
That I do not lose you.

Walt Whitman

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It is only with the heart
That one can see rightly;
What is essential is invisible
To the eye.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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            I am home in Heaven, dear ones; 
              Oh, so happy and so bright! 
             There is perfect joy and beauty 
                In this everlasting light. 
              All the pain and grief is over, 
              Every restless tossing passed; 
               I am now at peace forever. 
              Safely home in Heaven at last. 
              Did you wonder I so calmly 
              Trod the valley of the shade? 
              Oh!  But Jesus' love illumined 
              Every dark and fearful glade 
            And He came Himself to meet me 
              In that way so hard to tread; 
             And with Jesus' arm to lean on, 
            Could I have one doubt or dread? 
            Then you must not grieve so sorely, 
               For I love you dearly still: 
           try to look beyond earth's shadows, 
              Pray to trust our Father's Will. 
             There is work still waiting for you, 
               So you must not idly stand; 
             Do it now, while life remaineth— 
              You shall rest in Jesus' land. 
            When that work is all completed, 
              He will gently call you Home; 
             Oh, the rapture of that meeting, 
              Oh, the joy to see you come! 
              Priests of the Sacred Heart 
               Sacred Heart Monastery

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Benjamin Kalkstein, 50, EPA attorney and official 

Benjamin Kalkstein, a judicial officer with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's mid-Atlantic office in Philadelphia, died Friday - his 50th birthday - of liver cancer at the home of his parents in the Germantown section of the city.

 Mr. Kalkstein had been a resident of Mount Airy. He was diagnosed with cancer about a week before he died.

Mr. Kalkstein joined the EPA as an attorney after he graduated from Villanova University Law School in 1978. He worked his way up to supervising attorney and then to judicial officer.

Working for the EPA was Mr. Kalkstein's only job in the legal field.

He had been a judicial officer for the last five years, serving as chief of the Legal Office's water and air branches. He presided over hearings and signed off on
orders involving environmental issues in the mid-Atlantic region, which is composed of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington.

W. Michael McCabe, the EPA's deputy administrator in Washington and a former regional administrator in the Philadelphia office, called Mr. Kalkstein a "practical environmentalist. We relied on his legal expertise and common sense to resolve some of the EPA's most difficult cases."

Mr. Kalkstein did more than fight toxic-waste, polluted-air, and fouled-water battles with a briefcase and a pad of yellow legal paper. He participated in
cleanups himself, and he encouraged his colleagues to join him.

Marcia Mulkey, who heads the EPA's Pesticides Office in Washington, worked with Mr. Kalkstein when she was assigned to the Philadelphia office. She recalled how he twisted the arms of fellow lawyers to take part in annual cleanups of Wissahickon Creek, and how he helped organize Civilian Air Patrol pilots and EPA volunteers to conduct aerial surveillance of coastal wildlife and water pollution.

"Protecting the environment was more than a desk job to Ben," she said.

Mr. Kalkstein spent part of his childhood in Moorestown. He also lived in Israel for five years before returning to the Philadelphia region. He graduated from Germantown Friends School before earning a bachelor's degree from Swarthmore
College in 1972. He played football and participated in track and field at both schools.

Other than the environment, his interests included cycling and hiking. He also was active in several support groups associated with bipolar disorder, a malady from which he suffered. He also served as an officer of the Philadelphia Mental Health
Care Corp.

Mr. Kalkstein is survived by his wife, Janet; a daughter, Elizabeth; a son, Michael; his parents, Samuel and Elizabeth; three brothers; and one sister.

No services are planned. Burial is private.

Memorial donations may be made to the Philadelphia Mental Health Care Corp.,
123 S. Broad St., Philadelphia 19109.


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