Drag On

By Rich H

So tired,
so alone,
not much left to carry on.

Draggin' dragon drag on.

Over the hill,
a restful meadow,
full of warming sun.

Draggin' dragon drag on.

Soaking up the rays,
letting the tension drift away,
slipping away into the land of dreams.

Draggin' dragon 
drag on.

The dream comes again,
surrounded by caring loving ones,
eyes begin to mist.

Dragggin' dragon drag on.

The dragon awakes,
alarmed at first,
but then, sees it wasn't a dream at all.

I would like to add my own comment in the body of this. I feel so deeply that we are meant to be happy here on this earth. What I have learned, experienced and intuited have led me to believe that if we can 'bend the lens' of our perception we begin to see that we can be and do all the things needed to ensure our happiness. Sometimes it means just accepting that certain things are not under our control and just accepting they are part of life and even though as we initially experience them they make us feel bad, they are part of life. Until we learn to 'embrace' life, the good times and the bad and the times in between that seem to bore us 'interminably', we aren't allowing ourselves to be happy in any given moment. I hope that this has helped even one of those that have read this. To quote a line from someplace else, 'In helping others, I help myself'. May you find serenity within, a gentle path through life, and the courage to face life and make the right decisions in any given moment.


The gift.
  by rvh1956 on Apr 04 

As a child he was always curious,
always aware of things around him.

He cared about the feelings of others.
Sometimes crying if he had caused others pain.

For years he never fought back unless it was
the only way out of a situation.

He was lucky at love.
The girls loved his gentle unassuming ways.

As a young man he joined the military.
Learned to kill, to defend, to protect.

Brief insights along the way,
made him question more and more.

What are the answers he kept asking,
looking everywhere he could.

Things happened in his life that most never see.
Things that led him to ponder the deeper questions of origin, the whys, the hows.

Things got bad now and then and sometimes he lost his way.
The path he was on not always clear.

One thing through out it all is his willingness to help others.
Some compulsion towards compassion, drove him to give of himself.

Then! it happened, reverse synchronicity. Things all happening at once it seemed.

These things told him he needed to do something.
He made the wrong decision, almost costing him his life.

The pain, the time to heal, time to think about what went wrong.
Eventually led up to this day, the day he realized his gift.

His gift it seems, is the one he asked for, somewhere along the line.
The gift he now realizes is so precious.

Out his caring, his need to understand, he finally understood.
We are here to learn, and in learning what we need to know, we learn how to make things right.

He learned what things to let go of, what things to keep.
He learned that every problem can be solved, that must be solved.

He learned that in helping others, he was also helping himself.
He learned that is always easier to be courteous, than to defend being rude.

He learned the true nature of his gift.
No matter how much!  He gives of what he has, it never runs out, because it is free.

It is this marvelous thing called wisdom.
And the equation to attain it is: experience plus knowledge plus understanding equals wisdom.


Why do I care so much?
  by rvh1956 on Apr 01 

Knowing that in caring for others,
I set my self up to be hurt.

Why do I care so much?

I seems to make no sense at all,
yet I keep doing it again and again and again.

Why do I care so much?

I really don't like being hurt.
I don't think anyone does.

Why do I care so much?

Can you explain this to me?
Can you help me to understand?

Why do I care so much?

Tell me please, wont you?
Help me to see,
why I care so much.


All rights reserved, rvh1956 Copying without permission for other than personal use is forbidden.


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