What is normal?

All my life I have wanted to be…

I look around and what do I see
Friends and family saying to me
“Emma, slow down, you’re going too fast
There’s no big rush, the moment won’t pass”
What do they know?
Why can’t they see?
Surely it isn’t a big mystery

Higher and higher, up in the clouds
No need for sleep, laughing out loud
I have a desire to accomplish so much
No time to stop, to think too much

Everything in my wildest dreams
Is here right in front I me. I can achieve
I take on new projects, with promises abound
Of course. My reasoning’s sound

Faster and faster my world spins around
Everyone loves me, I’m happy at last
Then comes the anger, along with the fear
My mind is too quick for me, that much is clear

When will it stop, I can take it no more

Finally, exhausted, I collapse in a heap
Slowly my senses return
I cannot believe the things I have done
No longer does it seem so much fun
Bridges to build, friendships to mend
All seems too much for me to attend

Spiraling downwards out of control
There seems no stopping me now
Where once there was sunshine, happiness, light
Now there’s just darkness, one hell of a fight

My mind it’s not working, it’s going too slow
How I will cope with this I do not know
Slowly but surely the demons return
I want out but don’t know which way to turn

“You have to keep fighting” my senses would tell me
Had they not left me again
I have a plan, no going back
I will end this nightmare

What is it that brings me back from the brink?
At this moment in time that final step
Is a step too far
Sooner or later I know for a fact
The light will return and welcome me back
I have to keep fighting, not just for me
But for others, to show some kind of solidarity

I’ve made it this time, back to the norm
But what about next time?
Can I weather the storm?

Written by Emma Densham (Tizzi, that's me!)



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