on a cool June Minnesota evening
the moon decided to become full
"it" is not a "she", but a "he"
brother moon
your light danced and beconed me
from behind the pines
so I moved to see your fullness
I greeted you with one hand raised
I began to tremble
suddenly we were exchanging energy
and thought
I felt your lifeforce
your spirit that worships God
the moon is male
hail! brother moon



four shadows in the sun
the boys
from the Academy
lean against a broken wall
that is covered with the wisdom
of their day's culture
shirts unbuttoned
sleeves rolled
each drags from a bootleg cigarette
trying to act
in the manner of men
as girls with taut bodies
pass by
the spirit of youth betrays them
these comrades
speak openly of things forbidden to be thought
they speak of their future
that one day
they too
would be as broken
and aged
as the wall
at which they stood



there is something quite mad
inside my brain
MANIC then sad
spinning on in pain

sleepless nights
lethargic days
how my will fights
my mind's twisted ways

that is who I am:
moods dark and solar
the mercurial damned

to sleep, perchance to scream
drowning in my inner ocean
a turbulant, dark dream -
one without cure or potion



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