Please Help Me.
Little do you know of me,
but, Please HELP me.
I am drowning in life....


A Man - TheMan

by "Bluesdog"

A Man that reaches for the stars....
The man who looks in his soul at his scars.
A Man who wants more for himself...
The man who cries at Himself
A Man that makes his dreams come true....
The man is just able to do what he has to do.
A Man looks at the world as his domain....
The man always looks at what will remain.
A Man will get what he desires....
The man will sit, and only desire.
A Man will achieve all that he set's out for...
The man is happy with what comes thou for.
A Man reaches for the moon.....
The man is happy with his gloom.
A Man enriches a Woman's pleasures...
The man wishes he WOULD HOLD A HAND.

Thanks Bluesdog!!

so here I sit

so here I sit 
deep in thought 
thousands of thoughts 
amazing the mind can handle 
so many thoughts at once and still function 

so here i sit 

what to do next 
what to do tomorrow 
what will fulfill my day 
what will bring me to the next hour 

so here I sit 

where am i 
where have i been 
where am i going tomorrow 
where has yesterday's dreams gone? 

so here i sit 

lost in a world 
lost in a world of shit 
lost in a world of shit and no boat 

so here i sit 

or do i(I) sink? 

so here i sit 


So who am I.... 

This creature that is out of his time 
who feels lost but so many look for his answers. 

So who am I...... 

A man alone for so long 
but feels comfort in solitude. 

So who am I... 

Dying to live 
But living to die (E. Winter) 

So who am I.... 

So much to do 
but no time share 
lay in bed 
and live my despair 

So who am I.... 

I will pass 
and my name will be shortly forgotten 
for time is short 
and soon tomorrow will be yesterday 

So who am I.... 

who are they 
that i wish to be 
who am i 
i have no idea 

So who am I!!!!! 

How did I get Here?

Where is the bottom?
How low do i go?
Nothing in sight,
like a blind mad at a stove.

Only relying on sent,
to feel his way around.
I am lost in a windfall,
no room , no bounds.

The panic over takes me,
from where I do no know.
Medical science says my brain,
but in my heart my fire stops to glow.

Agony is my friend,
pain is my reminder,
that tomorrow I will wake,
with thoughts of deep sorrow.

From where it came,
I know not where,
but when it is your whole life,
you dare no question past there.

Is there an answer?
Is there just a clue?
What is happening,
this just Might happen to you.

So, here I take you,
my friend of weary eyes,
to a journey,
into the soul of deep cries.

I really did not ask for this,
I always seam to cry,
Where are my answers?
Who will reply?

I find myself in deeper,
each and every day.
Into my solitude,
that I ponder with dismay.

Where has the spirit gone,
that I did once display,
or was it just a fantasy,
or was it just a play?

I am lost-
never to be found,
notes of music to my ears,
use to be profound.

I live as a recluse,
no one come near,
but I need and desire,
for someone to be here.

I interrupt and ramble on,
and have so much to say,
but, in between the lines,
I have only but to pray.

That some one will see the deep darkness,
that surrounds my being,
one day I hope to break out,
and again live life with some meaning.

Oh, how did I get to this place,
this place of dark and dread.
Only to live my life,
each day , thread by thread.

So easy is a thread broken,
like a hair plucked from your head.
To go on and fight for what?
To live life with more dread?

So, how did i get here?
Who will reply?
Till I find an answer,
I'll just sit here and cry

Oh , to cry is good,
some may say.
To cleanse the soul,
and live another day.

But, I cry so deeply,
deep in my being,
for happy and sad,
each blending to the same meaning

How deep in my being it bleeds.
But a mask I where,
to shun off any needs

I breath and cry,
and cry and breath,
each breath I take
is another cry to be.

To Be someone-
what would that be?
To laugh and smile,
would that be the death of me?

How did i get here ?

By Bluesdog




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