Poetry by Candice

Candice Feldstein was diagnosed with bipolar episode 
at 21 years of age and has had quite a few bipolar 1 
episodes for 23 years. She has managed to get through 
it with proper medication even though she's been 
hospitalized a few times. Her poetry writing began 
in a manic episode and she tends to write the 
most when she's at her worse.

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Blanket leans on white landscape

Keeps a wistful moment alive

Covers intent of clear joy

Follow walk through transparent bliss


Sky blue waits a morning sits

Sail waves in freeing mist

Water drips on tickled fish

Slaps on board the seas drift

Turquoise feathers a subtle swish

Roaming in a mind of fish

Lost in time awoke in rhyme

Dreaming of a sleeping dish


Silent rays move the day

Poppies lay in subtle rage

Red and orange deny one another

In a burst of levitating color

Clouds above a blank expression

Wishing for a blue leaning

Up it seems a float redeems

Masked day of apprehension


Train rolls by

Vibration in tow

Interrupts a pull sleep

Of shadowed roll

Waking up inside

Put it to rest

A train knows all

Of a lattered stow


Blue eyed sky satisfies day

Sitting crumpet in green window

Vast expanse across island trees

Seeing ripe opened vistas


Feigning lush wet green permeates

Extends far frequent adhered waits

Moss adjoins forest walks

Frequents healed time of litany


Light as water pale as steam

Transparent linger little seen

Thought surrounds a safe fail

Shade of pale indigenous veil


Forward speaking resting softly

Petal surrounds a seeming air

Sweep in sitting comfort settles

Release of sojourn bee beware


Gleaming color relaxed blooming

Shiny eyes in forest storage

Temptation found in grown witness

Grass seeks level of onus lifted


Gloss a poem in written foible

Sense a rhyme in moving tatters

See a weeping lamb in cloud pink

Love a word yielding poems way


Steam a picture in the sunlight

Bask before a floating wand

Sit upon an open doorstep

Sleep beyond a sorriful song


Raise an eyebrow to unfold

Sacred distance winds within

Follow open seeds of thought

Venture closely to joys foothold


Seek a steady wail within

Loves a benign word

Mind a saddled lake of horses

Keep a wake of herds


Feast a tolerant boastful discretion

Acclimate to a beautiful face

Mountain feasts an eyes rage

Far above a seedless grin



Eyes glooming in a wasp air
Seeking an orange rabbit landscape
Listing solely winding clouds in
A blanket of lending wheat


Strawberry sits in angled stay
Penetrates ones sod in leafy tatter
Shine points at dots of scaling
Red in feeling plump in weaning

Admire the stature a bowl will bring
Holding a berry jammed within
Eyes glazed all is patched
Soft strawberry leaves a weepy batch


Melt away a snowy slope
Colored in time a white slide
Opened to be a renegade shade
Of distant sparkling on a winters day


Eons have passed since time saw
A modern watch of it all
Travel back as far to see
A drip of time a space to breathe

Are we able to view the past
While standing still a dream to pass
We can ride to a finite glitch
Capture the moment and alter the trip

Your mind can move in a curious way
Embellish the time hope for a stay
Any place in time in the universe
Is a ride on a shadow
A bright sunburst


Chorus of pink hippopotamuses
Sings a litany of lush climbing octaves
Scattered around a dreamer among one
Fell off a sleek telepathic rendezvous

Away pink hippos wailed
In a fine tune crafted sail
Dreamer just climbed to a higher chime
And ventured to a different scale

Pink hippos felt light
Floating in soft water white
Wondering where dreamer had weighted

Along hippos heard a pink sonic word
And saw the world abated
Dreamer resided to the pod invited
And heard an octave of pink

A sound so soothing he joined in
Without losing his relative cherry dream


Red and yellow is a tweak
Of autumn passages so complete
Red combines a day of fawning
Yellow masks a telltale warning
In the sky a bellow warns
Red is folly yellow is scorn
When a leaf falls too low
Red meets yellow tinged in tow


Bright in valued bygone shade
High in sun lost in say
Orange rises tasteful green in sorrow
Two mix jointly in willowed haystack


In a heartfelt day of cares
Magenta finds a purple dare
Loses a wanting red intrusion
Magenta steals the bygone illusion


Rolling map of coarse beige rind

Seed flushed orange jolly

Crescent shaped sunken style

Moist high waking sunchunks


Moon upright as timber seems

Vacant in a founding lean

Sunset poses steady shimmer

Stars shine reposed in voiced glance


Wistful pouring unto gather

Soaks a face of mile high fathom

Reaps a wonder orange in ladle

Feeds voiced saddle in stark needle


Aspire sweetly to loves crawl

Gentle petal velveteen lull

Rose stands by a weakened cry

Discreet touch of allure inside


Yellow ice forward hay

Shooting star begs appealing

Back in wayward mashed leaning

Banana drapes a lofty gallop


Pizza seethes in scenic gooey

Sinks above a natured bite

Swift as numbing in the oven

Sways before a leaky sight


Harp labors a wide string

Voices silk spinning endlessly




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