David Knight  lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a town named Ironwood. He is currently seeking an MSW, and hopes to work with disadvantaged youth one day. He is well traveled in his life and still has a bit of sand in his shoes. His poetry comes from inspiration and experiencing the world. David is  Bipolar (manic depressive) and has his good times along with the bad. He also suffers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is easy to see his mania, depression and ptsd coming out in his words. His poetry has meaning for him.  Enjoy!

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Love is ....
By: David Knight 

Love is a mothers touch when you are young

Love is a feeling that swells like a balloon when kissed

Love is a promise filled with yesterday, today and tomorrow 

Love is doing a special deed for the ones you care about 

Love blossoms like a rose with beauty and fragrance uncompared

Love is a feeling of butterflies fluttering within your stomach

Love is the beauty of a woman swollen with motherhood

Love is when I awaken in the morning holding you in my arms

Love is a spiritual oneness when entwined together

Love is the compassion and understanding of each other

Love is the freedom to express myself in life to the fullest

Love is when you hug me with understanding of my failures 

Love is the most special moments shared in the lives of people

Love is something difficult to explain and understand sometimes

Love is the grief felt when a dear one is departed from this life

Love are the tears flowing freely as they form the river of life

Love is the prayers I say each night wishing you well

Love can be hurtfull, Love can be kind, Love is always patient

Love is what makes the human race stand out in life

Love is what I have for you today, tomorrow and always

Curious Wisdom
by David Knight

peering through the mourning mist

appears a wrinkled ragged face

this bearded face of aged wisdom

has traveled many weary miles

grasping life full of its curiosity

pushing forward into the unknown

sampling what some call euphoria

was clearly a puzzle of exhaustion

lonesome is he that traveled this road

for most believe the shroud of mist

engulfs the happiness of yearning soul 

this ragged man says ask and I will tell

Ive been to hell and lived there long

struggling to escape a dream like song

thought to be nirvana a crystalline device

over and over the song would play 

applying magic powder with a sniff

the heart pounds faster with this kiss

mind races faster with each fantasy

until fantasies are long departed

seems different from when discovered

many years passed away with insanity

that magic dust stole the heart and soul

with death to those of curious nature

few escape the magnetic field created

hypnotic zombies of mysterious dust

when finally this man escaped his prison

twenty nine years of life were missing

wiping mist from mirror face of wisdom

grateful for new day curious no more 

Battle of the Mind
by David Knight 
December 23, 2000 

he wrote a lot of poetry 
about fighting in their war 
gave love to a pretty woman 
she has stolen all his pride 
no pity for his tenderness
was bloodied up some more 
there is no room for mercy 
to the soldiers of a war 

the pain was deep within him 
his body could take no more 
stories they tell of this hero 
with some medals from a war 
fall silent to the masses 
for the reaper stole this mind 
of the veteran from the corp. 
to the soldiers of a war

he killed a lot of people 
with the weapons of the war
they came back to haunt him 
saying he's a bloody whore 
sleeping peacefully no more 
from the terrors of the night 
while he battled with his ghosts 
to the soldiers of a war 

the rock garden has engravings
but no one remembers his name
where peace can be defined
he no longer feels the pain
a face among the people
a name without a rhyme 
for now has come his time 
to the soldiers of a war 

in peaceful valley full of pines 
green grass is fertile there
among the other soldiers 
whom are buried everywhere
no weapons do they bear 
no knives are there to hone 
a field that's full of stones 
to the soldiers of a war 

Stormy Salt Sea
by David Knight 
December 23, 2000 

Raging river from the streams 

a salty mix of watery mist 

flowing out of control for me 

rushing water from the falls 

spills rapidly forth from this 

thunder and lightning in the air 

storm rages forth with cleansing 

rapidly the two streams flow forth 

connecting into the raging river 

falling heavily as the spirit weeps 

looking for a pool of calm collect 

eyes blink rapidly releasing the pain 

the fear released with all its wrath 

tear soaked eyes are what remains 

have once again been dammed 

calm pools reflect the good days 

mind and soul once again cleansed 

but in time stormy weather returns 

unstable is the river of two polars 

the raging river and stormy seas 

are navigated by salties like me 

we are sailors of stormy salt sea 

never knowing quite where we will sail

never far from one pole or the other

somewhere between we wish to always be

where calm water collects I would select

as a permanent place for me to be

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