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"Space Between Us"
2001 Robert B. Lawrence

There's an Undertow about me sometimes
It comes to me when I'm least inclined
It can't help but get in the way
A Space Between Us for now is OK

I wish for you to come back in time
Our conversation makes the undertow decline
It seems to be near keeping me boxed in
Until we cross our bridge within

Crossing the bridge hand in hand
The undertow vanishes under your tan
Now that we are soul to soul
I will never forget our paper bowl

I thank you for taking the time
Now I feel free to unwind
To spill the stories of my tale
That through you will prevail

2002 Robert B. Lawrence

The road that lies ahead of me
Is under construction fur as I can see
Much has yet to be done
And I am at step one
The picture from the other side
Is a hazy cloud of ebbing tide
This picture is what I wish to see
To let me be and become at ease

I've been to Memphis
I've been to Montreal
In search of myself
In the midst of this all
Many roads up and down I go
Really want just one though
Where else could I possibly be
Living such an uncertainty?
Climbing and scaling a mountainside
Or a long way from home
Chasing butterflies

This life of changing uncertainties
Will tip the mind to wondering
A definition that is not there
I silently, slowly become aware
I try to detail what might be
Painting lines in my mind as things seem to me
It makes perfect sense in my head
Until someone said . . .
If the picture I've painted doesn't amend
Catch me early I'll draw it again
I will keep drawing until I see
How it is in Reality

"June 1997"
2002 Robert B. Lawrence

Trying my best to get some rest
Staying up all night with no light
Waiting eight hours for the alarm to sound
Can hardly keep my feet on the ground
Might as well get up it's hard to pretend
Not the least bit tired want my hair in the wind
Driving down the road destination unknown
Somewhere to see the sunrise all alone

Can still make it to the job on time
Work hard all day and feeling fine
Finish with my day and I'm ready to go
Can take it fast can't take it slow

She took the keys, "Where have you been"
I'm just catching my second wind
Took to the streets walking all night
Wondering if sleep is in my sight
More energy than I've ever had
How could this turn out bad

Next day at work I couldn't perform
Too confused in a rainstorm
Went home to lie awake in my bed
Until she came in and said

"Does My Kind Exist In Your World?"
2002 Robert B. Lawrence

Does My Kind Exist In Your World?
Your kind exists in mine
I know your kind
Do you know mine?
Some do but most don't
It takes an educated person
To bring us to our qualitive potential
The sky is the limit
When we both live it
If you can't comprehend my capacity
Then a mere convenience is all we'll be
For most of my kind that's as far as they'll go
We all have one thing in common though
A desire to be Loved
But here you are standing clueless
You act as if I should lead
When broken thoughts are all I see
I'm left wondering what to do
When the leader, the guider is actually you
I know my desires to a tee
I just can't seem to get from me to we
You don't know my kind in your world
That's obvious, we're stuck now aren't we

Some of my kind make it much further to the west
The names of which all society knows best
From the present, past or in the future
Being both the winner and the loser
In these people our potential can be seen
Many have bowed in front of the Queen
Each a living light in his own zone
Once his light is exposed he becomes known
The numbers who know of him can only grow
It wasn't my decision to put on this colossal show
God placed me here, Why? In time we'll all know
And yet I still continue to grow and grow

"Too Sick Too Soon"
Written: 6-1997 & 4-2001
2001 Robert B. Lawrence

Two sides of you
One side of you that wants
The other that says stay away
You said you'd try
Who are you?
Then you get sick again
And you tell me to leave you alone
Then the Doc tells me to let you be
I come to visit a few weeks later
You shout and tell me to leave with assertiveness
The man at the front desk
Places her toward awkward remark
Women . . .
Actually it was not her womanhood
She is a very sick girl
Her at this young age
Brings tears even to my eyes
The Doc's right you know
Severity is better left alone
Here, Here's your medicine
Now go to bed Dear

"Washed Away by the Tide"
Written: Words 5-17-1997; Music 9-23-1997
1998 Robert B. Lawrence
Recorded 7-27-1998 at Muscadine Studios; Macon, Georgia

Up here we go
On this roller coaster ride
Being pushed and being pulled
Washed Away By The Tide
Washed Away A way A-Way Away
Washed Away By The Tide

You might think I'm numb
You might think that I'm nave
For what I see and what I do
And what I do or don't achieve

Why must I be hung?
Being taken from my youth
In a world that's been strung
By the makers of the truth
Washed Away A way A-Way Away
Washed Away By The Tide

For the truth is
That I am from
This infectious disease
O' Please just let me be

Sometimes stirred and shaken
And other times at ease
When you come walkin' close
O'Baby I feel the disease
Washed Away A way A-Way Away
Washed Away By The Tide

Up here we go
On this roller coaster ride
Being pushed and being pulled
Washed Away By The Tide
Washed Away A way A-Way Away
Washed Away By The Tide

"Approaching Me"
2001 Robert B. Lawrence
Written: June 12, 2001

Before you approach me
You must know of whom you are approaching
For I am not of the ordinary
My time is in a world of its own
Living in my own zone
It's not like I have a choice
Not being able to hear my own voice
Living life in a cage
Not being able to turn the page
Until in time when due
I cannot pursue
I will never win
Until you listen
I am a tortured soul
I cannot set my own goal
I am at the mercy
Of the winds that sail me
For those who wish to love me
I cannot help whose presence I see
It's determined by factors of chance
Beyond my circumstance
I am whom I'm meant to be
By no choice made by me

"A Light At The End Of The Tunnel"
2002 Robert B. Lawrence

There's more to RL than what's at the door
To complete my puzzle is what I'm fully for
A way to cease this uncertainty I implore
An end to this torment that I personally bore

Receiving this dream without asking for it
By my mere existence and by accident
A dream shifting into reality, actually living it
It's only a matter of time till I'm in transit

Envy and bigotry will accompany my new fit
Shouts of accusations without asking for it
Being loved by many without asking for it
Being loved by one is how I am lit

I am beyond the point of turning back
Looking only ahead into a depth of black
From where does a light shine so I can see?
What it is that lies ahead of me

A light is there that did not exist before
A remedy to this anxiety of which I am sore
It's just a matter of time till I'm at the core
In due time I will knock upon your door

"The Driver's Side"
Written; Words & Music: 1990-2000
2001 Robert B. Lawrence

Chorus (twice)
The Driver's Side-The Driver's Side
Better Get Over to The Driver's Side

Better go to get there on time
Before you wake up to find you've fallen behind
Better go for it while you can
Or one day you'll wake up to find that you're an old man

Wake up from the devil inside
You might find a ticket on a better ride
Better go before it gets too late
There is a way-There is an escape


One day you wake up to who you are
And realize that you've been behind bars
Time to fly it's the singing bird sound
It's the spirit of me to be found all around

Get over to the driver's side
You only have one ticket for only one ride
When you get up to open the door
Look what you've found you might find more


Better go to get there on time
Before you wake up to find you've fallen behind
Better go for it while you can
Or one day you'll wake up to find that you're an old man

The spring of laughter of a warmer fate
Will lead you think and create
I see the door that's closed inside
The door you open to find your life

"Mr. Who"
Written: 4-14-90 thru 9-24-92
1998 Robert B. Lawrence
Recorded 7-27-1998 at Muscadine Studios; Macon, Georgia

Mr. Who he climbs the mountain
He climbs the mountain cause it's there
The mountain lives and he knows where

Top of the mountain what can you see?
Mr. Who can you see me?
Mr. Who Who could I be?
Mr. Who has the key

Mr. Who I know you
Mr. Who how do you do
Mr. Who in sea of blue
Thank you for the clue

Mr. Who Who are you?
Mr. Who Who are you?
Who are you? Mr. Who

Mr. Who is within me
Mr. Who is who I see
Mr. Who when you see me
Please pass me the key

Top of the mountain well I'll be
When I get there I will see
Who's on the other
The other side of me

Mr. Who is within me
Mr. Who is who I see
Mr. Who Who can you see?
Mr. Who has the key

"Being Felt"
2002 Robert B. Lawrence

Turning to you as I'm leaving blue
It's taken thirty-some odd years to do
More awareness as I unite my psyche
Am I scared of my shifting reality?
Do I know what lies ahead of me?
Things could always be worse
To me this is a blessing not a curse

I have had pieces in blue
And I treasure each one of you
How do I feel as I'm turning black
Never again to come back
Don't believe I will ever finish
Or even be able to replenish
Or go back to where I was at one time
Leave me to my peace of mind

I delight in those who know & see me through
Help educate those who are ignorant blue
Black is the color of the truly famous
You get there through perseverance
And a Bi-Polar chemical imbalance

Written: Verses I, III & IV 1991-1993
Verses II, V, VI & Music 3-2001
2001 Robert B. Lawrence

You search here for an answer
Well what am I to say
I had a dream it ran away
And now it appears that I'm here to stay
I'm here to stay

I live life by the moment
By the moment I am changed
What I do this next moment
Well I couldn't say
Live life day to day (twice)

I searched for an answer
Where to look I couldn't say
So I knelt down to pray
And the dream slipped away (twice)

I searched my soul for protection
From what I had dismay
A startling succession
Of where I'll lead one day
Where I couldn't say
Where I'll lead one day

I call it the Yo-Yo
From the ceiling to the floor
Having done something that
No one's done before (twice)

Having done the Yo-Yo
It tosses you and me
And the entire community
Into Virgin Territory (thrice)

Written: 12-1987 thru 3-1990
Recorded 7-27-1998 at Muscadine Studios; Macon, Georgia

Downtown, I was running around
You were heading to work one day
Saw your smile so I stopped for a while
To hear what you have to say
What do you have to say?---Hey---
What have you got to say?
Well I say
Let's Sing-A-Long
To the Sing-A-Long Song
Join in 'n' Sing-A-Long
To the Sing-A-Long Song
The Sing-A-Long Song of Love

Downtown, You were running around
I was heading to work one day
Saw your smile and you stopped for a while
To hear what I have to say
What I have to say--- Hey---
This is what I have to say
Well I say
Let's Sing-A-Long
To the Sing-A-Long Song
Join in 'n' Sing-A-Long
To the Sing-A-Long Song
The Sing-A-Long Song of Love

The flower of Love
In the bite of a dove
Flying us through the air---


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