How To Find Freedom

Sometimes life can be strange,
you start out small and helpless,
and end up weak and helpless.
Somewhere along the way, however you must decide,
how you are going to make it through,
from the time you are given life,
Until the time it is taken from you.
One thing you have to learn to live with
Is that no matter whether you like it or not
You are always going to be that same person
That you see in the mirror every morning of your life.
That leaves you with one decision, and that it should be, 
Learn to love that person in the mirror,
Become comfortable with that person, and most of all,
Love that person for that is the only person you will,
ever know the most about.
That is the only person you can truly trust,
You may not fully understand that person,
But it is the only person who's mind you can read,
The only person you can truly judge and count on.
As soon as you can learn to forgive that person in the mirror,
You can learn to love that person, and be at peace within your soul.
Only then can you learn to love others, be loved by others
and truly understand the reason you were put here for.
Always remember that God loves all his creations,
And when you look in the mirror, and can truly love the
reflection you see
you have made him happy and at peace.

BY Michelle B


The Pearl

To find a pearl you have to crack open a oyster.
To find myself I had to crack open a Destructive Will.
By Grace a grain of dust , grain of pain reforms.
Emptiness became peace of mind by Grace, I understood.
With in its' prison, the pearl lies safe in solitary peace.
My prison is the solidarity of misunderstanding no peace.
Beautiful in its' silence, the pearl communicates no pain.
Unable to speak the terror of loosing my mind, I was silent.
At first a dismal, ebony pearl, despondent, disheartened.
Now, a liquid, lustrous pearl, bathed in happiness, delight.
Hold gently the ragged Oyster, a pearl forms.
Embrace compassionately the bewildered lost "----", a whole
life, lies
dormant. A Pearl can not be
measured, cut, or
I can not be shattered, I am measureless, I am a pearl.

by Bridgett

North and South

by Stephanie

Like a great civil war, the two sides fight.

The north, up top, winning sometimes. Then I am awake and aware, creative and flying.

Words tumble and fly, pictures fall from my paintbrush like crumbs from a cracker- so many pulled to the gravity of the paper and canvas.

Masterpieces some, all revealing.

Suddenly the south rises again, and I fall, defeated.

Then the lower half is in control. Sleeping, hopeless, dreaming of falling, no words come. Eating, smoking, looking for solace,

Worthless empty thoughts churning repeating mindless chatter.


The abyss looms before me, calling for me to jump in and spin down, down, like a spider on a thread.

Dying calls, but itís too much effort.

Obsession over all the endless failures, carved in the walls of the deep bottomless well I descend into

Danteís circles pale by comparison to these hellish places.

Once again the north pulls me up. O climb the spun thread Arachnia spins, a web of glory, delusions of triumph, grand and glorious Aidaís triumphal march plays as I ascend to Miltonís Paradise.

Angels surround me with clarity and delight.

I can do anything. How long will this trip last,- week, a day, a year?


The darkness is always there, the abyss one step away-

From dizzying heights I still see it.

The pit and the pendulum.

Email Stephanie  


as i lay in my bed raindrops falling upon my head
 reading sorrows of
yesteryear in each and every falling tear, i call
for calmness i never new in
 hopes of finding it close at hand ,but knowing it
cannot be mine. i lie awake
and listen as the rain keeps knocking on my window
banging at my brain and in
the far off darkness of night i see a bridge lit oh
so bright, daylight comes
once again here we go old old

by Marie



I thought I could share this here. I hope you like it.

In a universe that has no bounds,
never ending with endless variation,
is anything or anyone ever alone?

Yet commonalities are found, between peoples,
points of view, shared feelings.

We are different, you and I. 

We could remain as we are, alone, searching, longing, feeling an 
emptiness that is never filled.

We could continue to let our fears keep us from ever knowing one 

Instead, should we not chose to be courageous, seeking what we need 
and afraid to ask for. Fear not. Claim it. It is love.

Richard Haeckel



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