Tears of Freedom


We have unlimited religious freedoms.
Our country is second to none.
Guarded, protected, and preserved
By man , miss
ile, bomb, and guns


Our men have sweated in training
For over two hundred years
Blood was spilled on ugly battlefields.
Why do so few of us shed tears?


The tears of soldiers flow quietly
Whenever they lose a buddy.
On a battlefield away from home,
so sweaty,  tropical and muddy.


VA hospitals treat many soldiers,
Some are maimed and paralyzed.
We can only view the aftermath,
Not seeing through their eyes.


Most would still fight today, if called,
By missile or hand to hand.
They deserve our highest honor
For their sacrifice for our land.


Most who died in combat,
Had their bodies claimed;
However, some remain missing
And we have a wall with names.


Waves of glory fly high each day
In our country strong and free.
I wonder which fallen soldiers,
Fell for you and me?


David Lilley

August 2001












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