Happy Valentines Day!

101 Most Romantic Things to Do and Say!

First observation: Cards and love-letters, flowers and candy, and any type of massage seem to be universal. You can’t go wrong sending your honey a card, bringing flowers, or giving him/her a backrub! We’ve included a few of the more interesting variations in our list, below, but these three showed up over and over. It’s as simple as 1-2-3 folks!

Now, for 101 other ideas.

1. When we both arrive home from work, I sit down in a chair, inviting her onto my lap. We sit and hold one another for anywhere from ten seconds to a couple minutes. We then gradually ‘let go of’ the trivia of the outside day by sharing with one another. Then, with the outside world off our shoulders and out of our minds, we are ready to be home together-in sync and in love.]

2. Whoever gets up first, write ‘I love you’ with lipstick or in the steam on the bathroom mirror.

3. During the night creep out and tie balloons on the trees in the front garden/the garage/the front door with ‘...... is wonderful!’ ‘You light up my life!’ ‘You ..... are my dream come true!’ and such-like.

4. List 100 reasons why you love the person, and leave it where they’ll find it.

5. Send 20 ‘I love you’ or friendship cards to the beloved, and get friends to do it too, for no special occasion! It’s a special treat to go the mailbox and find 20 cards all affirming your lover’s special qualities!

6. Arrange for friends (and strangers!) to spontaneously ring (call) your loved one and say, ‘He/she wants you to know s/he really thinks you are something special and loves you very much.’ (It will amuse the your friends and brighten their days too! And yes, strangers will play if you ask them right!)

7. The First Time. Approach each day as if it is the day that you and your spouse are together for the first time. Be spontaneous. Rush to greet them at the door after a long day and give them a big hug and kiss. Turn off the TV and ask them about their day. Sometimes the most romantic thing a person can do is giving their partner their full undivided attention and be a great listener!

8. Create a loving home. Keep it tidy, warm, cozy and full of fun. Cozy furniture and soft pillows and throws invite opportunities to snuggle up together. Creating a mood in your home that is relaxing and fun is often an invitation to romance.

9. The Kiss. Remember what it was like when you were anticipating the first kiss from your lover? Next time your partner reaches to kiss you, gently hold them back with your hand while looking into their eyes. Don’t say anything, just look deep into their eyes as they gaze back at you. Move closer to them and with one finger, trace the shape of their face, around the eyes, nose and then slowly over their lips and down to their chin. Bring their face close to yours, slowly bring your lips to theirs, softly kissing only the upper lip, then the lower, bring your arms around them, slowly let the kiss grow, lips parting, until both of you are washed away with passion. When the kiss stops, remain in their embrace and look deeply into their eyes again before ending the embrace. It doesn’t matter if you have been married twenty years, when you take the time to really kiss your partner, the response is always the same.

10. Take Turns. Make the time to plan activities and take turns doing each other’s favorite things. It’s a given that you won’t enjoy everything that your partner likes to do, but if you go with a positive attitude, you will probably end up enjoying yourself. If for no other reason, go for the fact that your partner loves this activity and enjoy watching them during the day, how much fun they have. Next time, you will get the same patience and excitement from them on your turn.

11. Romantic Things to Say. I love you more today than I did yesterday, but only half as much as I will tomorrow or. You complete Me. Don’t forget funny sayings either, nothing is more romantic than you and your partner laughing together, sharing a funny story or memory. Romance is Living, Laughing and Loving Together.

12. Leave early from work, take the children to the grandparents for the evening. Then return home and tidy up everything so that s/he walks into a clean house. Greet him/her at the door with a smile and a kiss, have their favorite take out meal already delivered and placed on the table with nice china and fresh flowers. To really surprise them, don’t do this on a special occasion like an anniversary, rather let the occasion be that you love them and were thinking of them.

13. Take your significant other out for an ice cream cone.

14. Forget the chores and take a day trip to a nearby state park, lake, etc. Have a picnic, hold hands, and relax together.

15. Taking a bath together and washing each other’s hair.

Slowly. For a long time.

16. I think the most romantic thing one person can do for another is to write a love letter. Nothing beats an honest-to-God love letter in the mailbox to make a lasting impression. Even couples that have lived together for years can indulge in love-letter writing and reading. Start with some pretty stationery or a pretty card, and then carefully choose the words that best express your feelings. Not sure where to begin? How about, ‘I remember the day we met...’

17. Plan a day to do just what he or she likes to do. If he loves sports and you hate them, buy him tickets to see his favorite team, then go along to cheer them on to victory. If she loves shopping and you avoid malls like the plague, take her out for a day of shopping at her favorite store. The idea is to do something your partner enjoys-and enjoy it with them!

18. Buy one or more small gifts for your beloved. Hide them where they’ll be sure to surprise: in a coat pocket, the glove compartment of the car, under a pillow.

19. Have a picnic in your yard or the local park, or, if it’s cold outside, spread a blanket on your living room floor. Indulge in all the goodies you might normally avoid: good wine, expensive cheese, bread from the bakery, fine chocolates- whatever pleases your palate.

20. Borrow your kids’ bubbles and let the wind take them away, along with your cares.

21. Make a memory book for your beloved. Buy a photo album, and fill it with pictures from your times together. Include mementos if you like, such as ticket stubs, a postcard from a favorite vacation, matches from the restaurant where you went on your first date. Just starting your romance together? Take a snapshot of the two of you, and tell your loved one there’s plenty of room for souvenirs of future adventures together.

22. Plan a surprise getaway. Tell your beloved that you’re treating the two of you to a special getaway weekend. Choose a place that suits your loved one -- maybe a bed and breakfast tucked in the woods or a four-star hotel in a big city. You will have to give him or her pointers about what clothes to pack, but otherwise, your destination should remain a mystery until your arrival.

23. If you are leaving for a couple days, make little notes and place them around the house: On the pillow where your significant other will place their head to sleep, or in the refrigerator (attached to their favorite drink), or on the towel they will dry off with. (You can also do this if your significant other travels.....put notes in their brief case, their shirt or pant pocket, in with their tickets.)

24. Greet your significant other at the door, give them a present (a nightie or silk boxers) and then have a candle lit picnic on the living room floor. Serve: peel-n-eat shrimp, cheese, champagne, strawberries. Take turns feeding each other.......

25. Take out a newspaper ad in the ‘Lost and Found’ section.

Have your ad state ‘I’ve lost my heart to you’ . Have a florist deliver a rose and a newspaper with a note what page to turn to and have it delivered to his/her desk!

26. This one is a little on the edge........ If your significant other travels, greet them at the airport with a very special surprise! The reaction is incredible and the excitement for both of you is unbelievable! I’ve welcomed my husband in nothing but a ‘teddie/nightie’ under my coat and it’s my husband’s favorite. Or, greet her wearing a tux, carrying flowers, and have a limo drive you home!

27. You both get in the car..... and you provide directions..... turn left, turn right.... Take them to a favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner and have flowers or wine delivered to the table with directions to your next destination, and then continue the mystery journey! If you have time, ending up at a bed and breakfast for a night of candle lit romance is extra special! They will be thrilled that you went to that extreme for your relationship.

28. I think this is my number one.......remember each day to tell your significant other ‘I LOVE YOU’. There is nothing sweeter or more romantic than hearing those words.

29. Slow dancing in the Living room to candle light.

30. A picnic in an unusual place (office floor, roof of a building, car hood downtown, etc).

31. Your favorite romantic song left on your voice mail at the office.

32. Almost anything handmade as a gift - for no reason.

(handmade card, scrapbook, picture frame, when you least expect it).

33. Show respect and appreciation for you lover’s family, especially his/her mother. You may not get along on everything, but remember, you all love the same person!

34. Call him/her almost everyday, just to say something nice or thoughtful or loving.

35. Take a bath together. Triple the amount of skin softener or bubble bath that you normally use. Don’t forget the candles around the tub.

36. Get a big golf umbrella and go for a walk in the rain or the snow. Walk in the park, or someplace where you can enjoy the power and wonder of nature. Then go for a lovely hot chocolate with some liqueur, such as Grande Marnier on the side. Enjoy some music and the warmth.

37. Get some croissants, fresh fruit, and a special coffee and read the Sunday paper together.

38. Go on a Ferris wheel together at night. If really lucky, time it when the fireworks are exploding.

39. Spend a half hour just kissing and cuddling. Just enjoy the moment with each other.

40. Plan a romantic picnic at night in your favorite park.

Pack a basket with real china, crystal candleholders, tall candle sticks and fine silver. Prepare his/her favorite meal and don’t forget the blankets. A nice bottle of sparkling apple cider or champagne is a nice touch.

41. Listen carefully to the small things that they mention in passing that are needed and make sure they suddenly appear. (For example, ‘I really need a garlic press’). The gift is really that you are listening.

42. Take a ride to lovers’ lane and PARK!!!!!!

43. Light several fragrant candles, turn on some quiet music and take turns giving a sensual foot, body, scalp massage.

44. Make a date with your spouse to meet at a public place for lunch/dinner. When your spouse is seated ask several people to deliver a single flower and a special love note to your honey. You deliver the last flower with a big hug and ‘I Love You.’

45. Find a quaint inn/bed and breakfast where you can have a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy conversation next to a roaring fire. Retire to a room for the evening and enjoy a second honeymoon.

46. Instead of buying a card, visit the local craft store and purchase the materials to make your very own greeting card. Write a special poem or tell your special person why they are special. Add a picture of the two of you together.

47. Create several coupons redeemable for friendly favors when your sweetie just needs some attention. For example, a foot massage, a bubble bath with (or without) company, a quiet dinner, help with the chores, etc. (Make sure they don’t include an expiration date.)

48. Purple Roses are rare - so is the love behind them.

49. A love letter that includes some poems and maybe a picture of the two of you and description of a wonderful run away holiday.

50. Satin lace pajamas!

51. Take a midnight stroll somewhere near a place with a clock tower. Then kiss through all 12 strokes at midnight. (This also works at home if you have a clock that strikes the hour!)

52. If she is wearing a dress with lots of buttons, or using the buttons on his shirt (don’t forget the buttons on his cuffs!) when you undress them, one button at a time, exchange a kiss between every button.

53. Take the afternoon off, go out in the woods or a field and pick Wild flowers together.

54. I have frequently just left one flower on a bed pillow or occasional left a trail of flowers leading to the bed!

55. Go to your nearest lover’s lane and make love in the car! Trust me, it NEVER gets old!

56. Compliment each other. We all need to hear that we are appreciated and loved. There isn’t a man or woman alive that doesn’t like to hear ‘Wow, you look fantastic!’

57. Tell them you love them with flowers, even if they’re from the Supermarket.

58. Pick up your lover’s favorite food and take it to them.

It could be licorice, or whatever.

59. Send them a postcard whenever you’re out of town. And say ‘I Love you’ on it.

60. The most romantic thing? When you’re with them, be really with them, no distractions.

61. Share your toys.

62. Take each other on a date at least once a week.

63. Have adventures! Go and do and see and try daring things! Often!

64. Conserve water, shower together.

65. Kiss each other often, especially when you greet or part from each other, and hold every kiss for at least 10 seconds.

66. An unexpected phone call in the middle of the day! And if you get their voice mail, leave an extra sexy or special message!

67. Cook a romantic dinner and have a friend come over to wait on the two of you.

68. Sending love notes, cards, letters and cute or funny trinkets. This is especially fun if you can have them delivered to their office, or while they are traveling, or at any special time that will make them smile and think good thoughts!

69. A hot oil massage for your loved one when they come home from work! Play some soothing music and make sure you do this by candlelight.

70. Trace ‘I love you’ on your lover’s back with your index finger.

71. Painting hearts on each others’ necks or other body parts with chocolate or honey or whipped cream, and licking it off!

72. Drive out to the country, with your favorite music - with no destination in mind - just a drive, a picnic, or finding a nice place to eat. As a passenger (you can switch going and coming) nothing is so stress free as to lie back in the passenger’s seat and watch the clouds and the sun go by, watch the sunset and watch the moon come out! This is great way to get together quietly, let the stresses vanish, and the beauty of nature fill you.

73. Tickets to a small town theatre production. Not expensive tickets - but some of the best performances available - with a reasonable dinner before the theatre in the small town restaurant. A wonderful get away.

74. We all like surprises - Nothing is better than kidnapping your spouse - just make them aware to be available for a certain weekend and have a place booked at a hotel. Take bubble bath, massage lotion, a different night gown than you ‘normally’ wear, and treat your spouse like a ‘king’ or ‘queen’. You do all the planning so they can relax and enjoy. Have a picnic in your hotel room, with music - and this weekend away will revitalize your partnership.

75. Second most romantic thing a man can say to a woman:

‘Honey, I’ll do the dishes tonight.’ MOST romantic thing:

‘From now on, dinner dishes are MY responsibility!’

76. My most romantic tip: pay a positive compliment that comes from your heart. A compliment speaks volumes and leaves a wonderful sound in the recipient’s ears that brings a smile to the lips and a warm glow to the soul.

77. Hot Air Balloon Ride.

78. Returning to the site of your First Date.

79. Find an article entitled ‘What Women Really Want From Men,’ or ‘What Men Really Want From Women’- in Cosmo, Glamour, even Reader’s Digest (This article appears in one form or another nearly every month, in some magazine.) Circle parts of the article you agree with; write comments in the margins. Mail it to your partner.

80. Drive along the coast in a convertible. Have a picnic on the beach or enjoy the sunset.

81. Love notes left on the windshield, taped to the bathroom mirror, or delivered in the office mail. We have hidden notes for each other in brief cases, coat pockets, on voice mails and had them included in welcome packets when one of us is traveling and staying in a hotel. It’s become a wonderful ‘competition’!

83. Having a date to meet and walk and talk in a beautiful setting. We often visit an art gallery, or the beautiful flower gardens and arboretums in various cities when we travel.

84. Leave a surprise handwritten note (e.g., on the computer or in a daytimer) describing what you most love about her/him.

85. Come home early and make her/his favorite meal.

86. Bring coffee to her/him in bed as an affectionate wake-up gesture.

87. Tell him/her you are so glad you are both together as your goodnight ‘kiss’. Take a moment, look them in the eyes and hold hands, and let them know you really mean it!

88. Call at work and say you were thinking about how wonderful he/she is.

89. Agree to meet at a party, club or public place and each of you role-play someone other than yourselves. ‘Meet’ for the first time and flirt! Make up an outrageous story - be a movie producer, a spy, politician or wealthy jet-setter! We almost always succeed in seducing each other this way!

90. Test drive a Porsche!

91. Tell the other that there is a surprise for her/him.

Then drop hints about what the surprise is. Some of these hints may be false or true. ‘Torment’ the person for a few days. If the surprise is a trip/place, blindfold the person during the journey.

92. Buy a man’s silk pajama set - hubby wears the bottom and I wear the top.

93. He brings me wildflower bouquets....and what pulls my heartstrings even more, he plucks wildflowers and will hook them in the collars of our dogs so that they have their own corsages.

94. In a restaurant, we sit on the same side in a booth.

95. While I was out one evening, my husband turned down our bed, propped a beautiful card on the fluffed up pillows, scattered rose petals on the sheets and floor leading to a warm bath filled with floating candles. When I returned home and walked into our bedroom, I was so touched I couldn’t help but cry.

96. Send the children out for the evening and plan a little stargazing picnic in the backyard (use sleeping blankets if it’s chilly) with you for dessert. Works every time.

97. Make the time to give a massage with your partners choice of oils or powder. Massage all of the body, especially include the face, head, feet etc. Take as much time as is needed. Be the phone is off the hook and that you will not be disturbed.

98. Tell the children (in front of me) what a good parent I am.

99. Hold my hand when we walk down the street.

100. Go skinny dipping: In the ocean, in a pond or lake, in your pool, in the neighbor’s pool!

101. And finally, let’s remember to be ‘inclusive’ in our loving and affection - romance shouldn’t be just for lovers! We all need to know we are loved, respected and cared about.

Leave little unexpected tokens of love for EVERYONE! Give joy to old people (they especially need hugs and to feel listened to). Give your time and affection to children, single people, friends, and even strangers. We all need love, hugs, affection and romance! (Even our pets respond to a bit of fuss and attention!) We all need it, and those of us who have ‘no attachments’ or anyone ‘special’ in their lives perhaps need it more than most.




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