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Ask the Doctor
About Bipolar Disorder
Dr. Jim Phelps

Important Note
:  This site is not a substitute for routine or urgent care.  Read "Please Understand" below if you're new here. .

Many of the questions individuals diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder (Manic Depressive Illness) ask can only be answered by a qualified psychiatrist.


Bipolar World is very fortunate to have Dr. Jim Phelps at our website to respond to the questions of our visitors.  Visit Dr. Phelps' web site  Psycheducation.org  to learn more about him.


Before sending a question to Dr. Phelps please review the questions he has already responded to  to see if your question has already been answered.  Be as brief and concise as possible in your questions.  Then watch for his replies.  Be patient! 

Thank You Dr. Phelps from all of us at Bipolar World.

Archive of Questions and Answers by Topic

Archive of Questions and Answers by Month for the Year 2003

Archive of Questions and Answers by Month for the Year 2002

Archive of Questions and Answers by Month for the Year 2001

Archive of Questions and Answers by Month for the Year 2000

 Send a Question to Dr. Phelps
(Dr. Phelps will be not be available for questions until Feb. 21st, 2004.  Please hold your questions until then.  Thanks!)

Another Ask the Doctor Archive
recommended by Dr. Phelps

Due to the volume of mail received, Dr. Phelps is not able to respond personally to every letter.  Letters that can be answered by experienced Bipolar World staff will be answered through personal email. Ask the Doctor About Bipolar Disorder - Dr. Jim Phelps

Please Understand:
Due to time restraints and the volume of mail received Dr. Phelps is not able to respond to every question.  This site is intended solely for informational purposes and is not a substitute for routine or urgent medical evaluation, treatment or consultation.  Individuals with medical or personal problems are requested to seek advice from  their own physician or mental health professional.  Dr. Phelps' responses should not be construed as medical opinions aimed at establishing a diagnosis or course of treatment.  Individuals who are being treated should not construe information here as replacing or superseding recommendations of their own clinician.  Information found here may serve as a topic of discussion between patients and their individual clinicians.  Clinicians should appreciate that suggestions made here, without benefit of direct assessment, are not intended as direct consultative recommendations.  Questions will be edited for space and clarity.  It can take up to three weeks for responses to be posted.

Those of you who visited Bipolar World previously will know that until recently Dr. Ivan Goldberg of  Depression Central  was responding to visitor's questions at Bipolar World.  Unfortunately Dr. Ivan's busy schedule did not permit him to continue but you can see an archive of questions and his responses  Here
Bipolar World extends a warm and special thank you to Dr. Ivan for his kindness and consideration.


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