December 2000
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Dr. Phelps will be taking some time off from reading your questions and thoughts, starting December 23rd. Questions posted prior to that date will be considered. After that, please hold your questions for January 2nd, 2001, when he'll be logging back in to Bipolar World. Thanks everyone for your interest and your questions. As they say in the South USA, "y'all come back now, y'hear?"


The following is a list of questions previously sent to Dr. Phelps at Bipolar World during the month of December, 2000.

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My mothers Medicines

Of Vitamin Treatment

Electromagnetic waves and bipolar


Bipolar, OCD, Antidepressants

Can a hysterectomy make bipolar stop

Mother bipolar with symptoms

Herbs but not medications

Complex symptoms and pregnant

Light therapy in bipolar disorder

Hyper on Prozac

Birth control pills and bipolar symptoms

PMS & Mood Changes

Am I severely depressed

Bipolar and migraines

Risk of repeat suicide attempts

Are mood stabilizers "habit-forming"?

Mania is not always Euphoric

To awe and inspire

Putting up with side effects

I Like Being Manic

Neurontin, Seroquel and Suicidal

Lots of Meds-Hesitant About Trials

Does my son have bipolar disorder

Bipolar Husband Stops Lithium

Evaluating your own treatment


Breast feeding and bipolar medications

How quickly to make a diagnosis

Does it get worse over time




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