February, 2001
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The following is a list of questions previously sent to Dr. Phelps at Bipolar World
and published during the month of February, 2001.

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Wife had hypomania on antidepressant

Wife had hypomania on antidepressant

Menopause worsening Bipolar symptoms

Will Topomax treat panic symptoms

Worse at first on Depakote

BPI plus OCD - Which Antidepressant?

Combining Depakote and Neurontin

Can Meningococcal infection cause bipolar

Hair pulling is called

Scared "bipolar" after 2 visits. Lithium?

Borderline or bipolar - Lithiunm?

Will my medications or the disorder harm my baby

Is there a Best Bipolar Hospital? Truehope?

Bipolar parent and effects on child

Is taking an academic vacation every few weeks part of the disease?

Medications show up on drug screens-Social Stigma?

Rely on psychologist, neurologist, or (heaven forbid) psychiatrist

Tangential Bipolar Disorder

Visual hallucinations - Bipolar

Pretty perfect description of severe seasonal affective disorder

Lithium in an 8 year Old?

Bipolar III

Borderline personality or Bipolar

Obsession to shout on olanzapine

Blame it on illness - Still?

How to help worried father

Jumpy on meds, or Hypothyroid, or Both?

Acne from Depakote or Stress?


Rare episodes

How frequent is drug use like amphetamine

Switch from lithium to Bach Flower

My friend needs to see a doctor

Better but then worse after a cold virus

Is therapy needed too

How much to raise the illness as an issue if he doesnt

Can't Sleep for urinating on Lithium