March, 2001
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The following is a list of questions previously sent to Dr. Phelps at Bipolar World
and published during the month of March, 2001.

  You can also view other replies and archives

To view the full question and Dr. Phelp's reply click on the link.

Medication Changes to Recover Energy

Is this Bipolar Disorder?

Is there a book that will help children with bipolar disorder?

Napping and Appetite Increase

L-tryptophan for Bipolar Disorder

Son Bipolar, Mom Depressed

Sexual Activity Result of Bipolar Disorder?

Different Doctors - Different Diagnosis

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder - Ten Year Old Child

Viral Meningitis-Bipolar?

Mind Freeze - Bipolar Disorder

Is there a med for BP that won't cause weight gain?

Depakote and Trazadone not Helping

Help to stop Smoking?

Bipolar Disorder in Older People (mom)

Synergy Company Treatment

Bipolar, Alcohol and Young People

Where to find Energy on Meds

Son Bipolar and no Mood Stabilizer 

Are Diagnoses of Bipolar in Teens Accurate?

Are sexual impulses result of Bipolar? How to Control?

Treatment of Bipolar, ADD and OCD

Child's Alkaline Phosphate Level High?

Nephew has Schizophrenia 

How to Know if Diagnosis is Correct

Topamax and Pain

Depression, Wellbutrin, Bipolar

Bipolar of Scizoaffective - Jessica

Teaching Aid has Bipolar

Mania and Schizoaffective - Teatment?

Long Term Aspects of Bipolar

Menstrual Cycle and Mood

Medication, Weight Gain and Exercise

Is it Bipolar? (Jai)

Depakote, Effexor and Adderal

Mucus Caused by Meds in Child

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Bipolar

What effect does marijuana have on BP

Weight and bipolar- interaction

How to get diagnosed

Depakote helps, but not quite enough

How to talk so doctors will listen

Can Bipolar Disorders Cause Delusions?


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