November 2001
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The following is a list of questions previously sent to Dr. Phelps at Bipolar World
and published during the month of November, 2001.

  You can also view other replies and archives

To view the full question and Dr. Phelp's reply click on the link.

Topomax Dosage Worries Me

Could I Have a Form of Bipolar

Trazodone&What Should I Do

Wellbutrin Good Choice...?


Angry About BP Label -Cutting

Sadness-Normal Teen or BP?


Difficulties w-Ex & His Mother

Seroquel- Insomnia & Alcohol Desire

Major Cycle in Nov-Afraid Again

Difference in Borderline Personality & BP

Trying to Keep Marriage Together

Waiting for Time to Remove Depressive Phase?

On Meds & Having Mood Swings

Daughter's Symptoms Real or Imagined?

Phenergan & Chlorpheniramine

Suggesting Friend Gets Help ASAP?

Cyclothymia & BP NOS

Bad Temper & Mood Swings

Previous BP Diagnosis & New Pdoc

Test to See if I Have BP Disorder?

Clinical Trials-Treatment w-Thyroid Hormones?

Is Bipolar the Same as Schizophrenia

Can Seratonin Be Replaced After It's Depleted

Where Else Can I Turn?

Seroquel-"Mood Stabilizer" Effects? Obsessive

My Attacks Have Become Greater

Zyprexa Withdrawal

Info on History of Bipolar Disorder?

Pill Cutting w-Topamax

Asked Pdocs About Selegiline,Lamotrigine...

Seeking Info-BP & Young Children

BP Girlfriend & Her Future

Worse on Wellbutrin

Husband's Insomnia & Libido

Interaction Problem w-Premarin...&My Meds?

Could Ailments be Psychosomatic

Too Many Meds? None Seem to Work

Meat Based Infant Formula & BP

Lithium & Blinking

Adult Son Dx'd w-Cyclothymia

Help Understanding Bipolar Diagnosis...

Unipolar Depression? BPII?

Is BPI Worse than BPII

Lithium-Problems Having Children?

Duralith Not as Effective Now?

Asked About Son Being on Prozac

Number of Meds I Take

Is My Fiancee Ill

Difficulties in Relationships w-Men

Comparison of BP & Cycloid?

Can I Be Sure it's BP II? & Lithium

Could This Look Like BP II?

Brain Injury & Bipolar Disorder

Could I Have ADD & Bipolar II

Antidepressants- Withdrawal & Hypomania

Trying to Find Clinic for Daughter

BP Mom is Drinking

Lithium & Topamax Together?



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