December 2002
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The following is a list of questions previously sent to Dr. Phelps at Bipolar World
and published during the month of December, 2002.

  You can also view other replies and archives

To view the full question and Dr. Phelp's reply click on the link.

Reader Thanks Dr. Phelps

Meds During Pregnancy

Lamictin & Feeling Disassociated...

Trileptal Dosing

Needs Hope & Advice

Questions re. Lamictal & Possible BP

Doesn't Remember Stealing

Therapist Wants to Help Patient

Symptoms After Stopping Celexa & Trileptal

Will Depakote Deal with These Thoughts...

ITP & BP Meds

Zyprexa & Under 18

Bipolar I or Schizoaffective?

Lamictal & Hair Loss

Son's Depakote Level was High

Can BP Meds Cause Brain Damage?

Coping w/Weight Gain:
Risperdal & Continued Mood Swings

When to Go to the Hospital

Menstrual Cycle & Mood Changes

Mom Questions What Happened to Son

"Anger" Issue in BP II

Perimenopause & Bipolar

Onset of Bipolar - What Age?

Antipsychotics & Breastfeeding

Losing Track of Days


T3 & T4 Meds

Stability at Lower Med Doses?

Proving BP Disorder to My Insurance Co.

Seroquel & Neurontin Together?



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