December 2007
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The following is a list of questions previously sent to Dr. Phelps at Bipolar World
and the replies published in December, 2007.

  You can also view other replies and archives

To view the full question and Dr. Phelps' reply click on the link.


Spect Brain Imaging - A Valid Modalilty?

Lamictal & Oral Contraceptives


Connection Between BP & Prednisone

Melanin/lamotrigine Binding - New Information?

Could Seroquel Have Been the Cause of Hallucinations?

Differentiating Melancholic vs. Atypical Depressive Symptoms
in BP Depression

Tolerating Lithium.

Spouse is in Denial, Is There Hope? :
Link Between BP/Schizophrenia & Toxoplasma?

Deprenyl (Selegiline) for BP/ADD Issues?

Has Tried All the Atypical Antipsychotics Options

Questions re. Depakote & Lamictal

Concerned about Elderly Mother taking Lithium

Son Can No Longer Take any AP's or Stimulants

Developed Agitation while on Antidepressants

Valproate & Testosterone:Lithium & the Male Reproductive System

Can Tryptophan be Used with Lamictal?
Hair Loss as a Side Effect of Lamictal



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