November 2008
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The following is a list of questions previously sent to Dr. Phelps at Bipolar World
and the replies published November, 2008.

  You can also view other replies and archives

To view the full question and Dr. Phelps' reply click on the link.

Questions Regarding the DSM-V

Kindling & Refractory Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Symptoms Developing after Birth of a Child?

Severely Depressed Person Asks for Advice

Asks if Physical Symptoms that Look Neurological Could be Due to BP

Endurance Athlete and Triathlete Concerned about Taking Lithium

Has Manias and Depressions Every Other Year

Depressed and Spiraling Down, Asks for Advice

Break Through Cycling, Any Way to Stop It?
Do Hypomanic Symptoms w/T3 Dictate a Bad Response to T4?

Experiencing Mania after Surgery, Looking for the Cause & What to Do

Is It Possible Severe Hypomanic Episodes Will Diminish or Stop if the Antidepressant is Discontinued?

Can Andriol Affect Moods?

Suggestions for Helping a Friend When They "Shut Down" ?

Does Metformin Work for Depression, Anxiety, and Weight Loss?

Lamotrigine & Melanin:Beta-blockers & Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Is Diazepam Adequate for My Depressions & Mood Swings?

Question Re. Time of Day and the Illness

Lamictal and It's Generic Lamotrigine



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