Bipolar Son and School
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Q: My son has resently been diagnosed with bipolar. He is 10. After a year of home schooling I decided to send him back to school. I am having trouble finding a class that can help with his problem. Our local school system wants to put him in a general classroom until they can do their own testing. I am scared what repercussions that would have. Can you plese give me some suggestions on what I should do. Thank you, Sandy

Dear Sandy -- 

For starters, I hope you have found the site for parents of bipolar kids at  Great site.  I wonder if you might be able to find someone there who's had some experience with this.  I haven't.  My first thought would be to work with a good child psychiatrist in the process, but they can be among the hardest specialists to find, as I fear you may have experienced.  Lacking that, well, I had some ideas, but as a parent in this circumstance I think you're probably ahead of me on ideas.  Sorry I can't help you more there. 

Dr. Phelps 

Published September, 2000

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