Q: What Can We as Family Members Do?

We've been coping with a believed to be bipolar situation for some time now.  My siblings and I have watched the spouse of the diagnosed disorder be mistreated for some time now.  Unappreciated and tormented.  Anyway, I realize you cannot comment on a particular case, however, can you recommend books or a website that can answer our question as follows:

As family members, are we doing the right thing?  What should we be doing?  Should the diagnosed person be corrected or even yelled at?  Should we be harder on them or "give them the benefit of the doubt 'cause they cant help it"?  

There are many factors surrounding our specific case but we are just asking that you point us in the right direction.  I could surf the internet myself but it could take months to get through all the sites about this subject.  Your comments are welcome and anticipated. 


Dear Paul -- As a start, for sure the place to go is bpso.org.   

For more information see this page

Dr. Phelps

Published April, 2001