Q:  TSH Levels and Lithium

My son will be 13 in August been digonaosed for about 5 years the pdoc today just changed is meds to the following Depakote Er 500mg in am & pm, Lithium 450mg in am, Lithobid 300mg at bedtime, WellbutrinSR 200mg in am and afternoon, Zyprexa 5mg at bedtime.Have you heard of these combonations? Also

we are having trouble with is TSH levels is this normal? The doc is now talking about adding synthroid.( His father has hypothroid).Could this heridteriary or the lithium causing the problems.  Thank Melissa

Dear Melissa -- 

Perhaps both: lithium alone can do it, commonly; but may be more likely if there's a family history.  The doc' is doing the routine thing: thyroid supplementation to make up for what the lithium is interfering with, namely thyroid hormone production.  

Dr. Phelps

Published April, 2001