Could I Have a Form of Bipolar
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Q:  Could I Have a Form of Bipolar

Years ago i was treated for OCD rather unsuccessfully. Recently I read a webpage on someone with dysphoric mania that seemed to describe a lot of my problems .

I have a lot of problems with irritability and distractability. I have a lot of confusion,trouble concentrating,easily bothered by things,bad temper, etc. I sometimes have innapropriate elation daydreaming but ussually its irritability and confusion .I'm disorganized almost to the point of paralysis. Its difficult to explain and if i go back to an ocd specialist they may only treat the OCD.

Could I have a form of Bipolar that could be a bigger issue? How can I find a bipolar specialist in my area to find out? I live in Greenville, North Carolina.


Dear Mr. B' --
Here are the folks in N. Carolina.  As I recall, none of these is particularly close to Greenville, but you could ask one of these folks for a "consultation" for diagnostic and treatment recommendations, then take those recommendations and that diagnostic assessment back to someone closer to you. 

Search Results below: 6 Records Found
Gibbs, Carol MD
Durham, NC 27707 United States -- US
Groder, Martin MD
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-2866 United States -- US
Miah, Rohima MD
Durham , NC 27707 United States -- US
Shah, Devendra MD
Monroe, NC 28110 United States -- US
Van Bruggen, June MD
Durham, NC 27707 United States -- US
Yanuck, Cheryl MD
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 United States -- US
The appearance of names in this database does not represent an endorsement of the provider. The information listed was provided voluntarily by the provider. We are unable to verify the information. Please use at your own discretion.

These are from the Harvard program's database of providers with special experience in Bipolar Disorder.  

I agree an assessment for possible bipolar disorder is worth your while.

Dr. Phelps

Published November, 2001


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