Angry About Treatment
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Q:  Angry About Treatment

Dear Dr. Phelps, I know what I have. Bipolar mixed. I have always followed my treatment. I've been more positive about it than other times. I am just so angry about it now. My insurance ran out in Jan. So I tried what they call the Dallas the Northstar system. I would have been awhole lot better taking placebos. They wouldn't let me take the medicines that helped. Fortunely my mother agreed to pay for my medicines and to see my my former psychiatrist. I guess I just have a lot anger about what I went through.I have been mistreated psychiatriacally before as adolesce. I just did think it could happen since I'm and adult. 

Thank you for listening to me. I appreciate your time. 

Dear Karen -- 
Unfortunately you have a lot of company out there, too, with the way our medical care system is set up these days.  Unfortunately, I understand Canada's once nifty system is really having trouble too.  There was a time people just paid therapists out of their own pocket, but the medications these days are just incredibly priced, I know, so that's out of reach for most folk.  I hope things go more smoothly soon. 

Dr. Phelps


Published February, 2002


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