No Limericks for Dr. Phelps
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Q:  No Limericks for Dr. Phelps

You're awesome doctor Phelps.  I wish my doctor knew half what you know about the psychopharmacology of bipolar disorder. 

I'm trying to teach him though.  He's an old dog but maybe I can teach him a few new tricks.  At least he listens to what I have to say about medications and how most of them make me rapid cycle.

Paxil, wellbutrin, lamictal and Risperdal took two years of my life away from me.  I'd probably still be taking some of those if I had not read on your site how they can cause mania.

It was really not clear that wellbutrin was giving me problems until after I had been off it for a few months. 

I started self injury when I went on paxil and stopped after I got off wellbutrin about a year ago and have not cut myself since.

I must be quite brittle, one week of just one mg of Risperdal sends me into a nasty miserable mania.  2 weeks of .5 mg of risperdal sends me into hypomania.  Risperdal also makes me hear a lot more voices.

Anyway I'll never write a limerick about you..

Take Care..

Dear Ms. or Mr. Koi -- 
Thank you.  I appreciate your encouragement and kind words.  I am glad to hear mine were of use to you.  

Jim Phelps


Published February, 2002


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