Pursuing the Thyroid-Bipolar Connection
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Q:  Pursuing the Thyroid-Bipolar Connection

I am very interested in your thyroid-bipolar connection experiences.  I first suspected this connection after reading a book by Dr. David Brownstein, M.D. called "Miracle of Natural Hormones" in January of 2003.  I then ordered his book "Overcoming Thyroid Disorders".  I feel you should look into his research because of your work - he is very well respected in this area (Detroit) & has helped many people.

He doesn't specialize in mental disorders, but has treated some people with them, as he responded to me via e- ail.  I was thrilled to run across your information after reading about his books, etc., as I thought a connection to bipolar was yet to be discovered.

It is my hope that people like you and he will eventually share what you have learned, so that there are not such divisions between the traditional medical, psychiatric, and holistic approaches to treating patients.  I appreciate that you have at least tried to be open on your web site with the various opinions about treatments in this regard.   Thank you!

As for me,  I feel fortunate that Dr. Brownstein's office happens to be in the Detroit area, but my insurance certainly will not cover a visit to him or another doctor at his facility.  Nor will I be able to find  either a psychiatrist or even a primary care doc willing to consider treating me with ANYTHING "natural" like Armour Thyroid, especially when my TSH blood test (often worthless anyways - per the books) doesn't show a problem.


Dear Ms. G' --
Thanks for your note and for sending the connection to his website, which I did receive.  You're right, there's something very important going on in this connection and it's a pity when disciplines or traditions get in the way of pursuing such connections (although at the same time, there's something to be said for traditional medical caution...).  I'll keep my eyes and ears open as well as my mind, on this.  Thanks for the suggestions.

Dr. Phelps

Published May, 2003


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