Deviant Sexuality & Bipolar:Memory Impairment & Bipolar
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Q:  Deviant Sexuality & Bipolar : Memory Impairment & Bipolar

My family mem who has been diagnosed and is on treatment for bipolar has a history(and this is prior to diagn/treatment)of an interest in beastiality , incest stories either written for him or already written.  I  understand hypersexuality can be a symp of manic side of disease. I see that as being hyper sex. of current drive or interested topics but not creating a deviant type of interests. I cannot find a connection between sexual deviant behavior and bipolar disease.  Clearly, in a manic stage, people can be more sexually active, but nothing indicates the disease causes a deviancy. He also experienced lapses of memory in events surrounding negative behavior..but not memory issue concerning reg life events. His loss would be around very negative things. I cant find anything about memory lapse/loss and bipolar.  Thnks!!

Dear Sandy - 
You're right, I've not heard of the hypersexuality of bipolar disorder being connected with unusual interests in the expression of that sexuality; you might have to look for other explanations there (although psychiatry's ability to explain such things is pretty limited, or was last time I was learning about that aspect of human sexuality). 

As for memory, you're right there too, memory impairment is not usually a feature of bipolar phases.  Given two atypical findings, it might be worth wondering out loud (especially in connection with this memory issue) about whether an electroencephalogram (EEG) would be worth doing at some point to make sure there isn't a seizure-connection as well in the explanations to be considered for these problems.   If you get that far, here's a brief essay on discussing such ideas with his doctor.  

Dr. Phelps

Published May, 2004


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