Dare I Try Moclodemide?
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Q:  Dare I Try Moclodemide?

Back again. A brief summary .BP2. Tried lamicatal, too aggressive. Recently spent 2 months on Topomax, was so spaced out I could not function, also emotions went, neither happy nor sad, complete no mans land. Just started Trileptal, seems great no real side effects, except for Panic attacks. Is this me or the meds. Doc suggested I ask about Moclobemide? I did some research it seems to be an anti-depressant. The last lot of anti-depressants ( several years back, pre-BP2-diagnosis) had me trying to committ suicide .. ugh not keen to go back there. So question is dare I try Moclodemide? The 10 days I was off Topomax before I started Trileptal was a nightmare, moods all over the place...so really I do need medication. This never ending dance to find the correct one is a long slow and frustrating process? Does Trileptal exacerbate panic attacks? I have been subject to them for a few years but seemed to have them under control unitl now?

Many Thanks

Dear Ms. G'
Sorry to say that your situation now illustrates rather well, unfortunately, the limitations of what I can do from out here in electron-land. This is clearly a very complex situation and it would not be appropriate for me to comment on just where to go now. I generally will try to stick to offering thoughts about "what to do" that derive from accepted general principles, if I offer such thoughts at all. Clearly your circumstance is complicated enough, especially now, that "general principles" are not going to be worth much, and your treatment will be based on what we sometimes have to do instead: cautious trials of the next most obvious thing to try. Good luck with that process.

Dr. Phelps

Published September, 2004


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