Symptoms Related to Thyroid or Meds?
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Q:  Symptoms Related to Thyroid or Meds?

I take:
800 mg of Seroquel (Isn't that an unusually high amount? Has this been tested for safety?)
600 mg of Triletal twice a day
25 mg of paxil
1/2 5 mg ambien
levoxyl .088
cytomel 1/2 .05
climara patch
naproxen for legs
mirapex for RLS

Is seroquel linked to hypothyroidism or not?  If so - how?  What could restless leg syndrom and aching painful lower leg muscles be related to? Seroquel or thyroid? or thyroid meds?

My psychiatrist says there is not realtionship between seroquel and hypothyroid or the symptoms I am having.

Restless leg syndrome (interfering with sleep)
painful aching lower legs
alot of weight gain which I can't seem to get rid of.
muscle weakness (?)
soft/brittle breaking nails
slight hair loss
not being sharp minded, slow thinking of words or names.

I am concerned about all of the meds I am on. We tried lowering the seroquel and that did not go well. We tried changing to geodone - I only lasted 7 days, it was awful. (nightmares, kind of acting "over the top" speeding in the car etc).


Hello Sara -- 
Sorry to say that combination of symptoms and medications is so complicated -- not that there are too many medications necessarily, but without having watched what was happening at each step, I wouldn't quite know where to start to account for the symptoms you've listed.  Thyroid certainly sounds suspicious.  But as you've probably gathered, you have some symptoms that sound like too little and some that sound like too much.  My essay on
thyroid and bipolar disorder might help you just a little in terms of understanding that relationship.  Seroquel 800 is high but not outrageous.  A patient called me the other day wanting a refill on her 1800 a day.  I kind of freaked and asked the company representatives.  We asked around the group we were meeting with and heard stories of 2400 and even higher.  But theoretically you're right, that's kind of "topped out" on 800.  

Dr. Phelps

Published February, 2005


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