Permanent Neurological or Internal Damage from This Overdose?
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Q:  Permanent Neurological or Internal Damage from This Overdose?

I just survived a suicide attempt on 1-19-07. I overdosed on Trazodone 150 mgs x 60, and over the counter sleep aid, about 8 oxcycodone, and other pills I can't remember. According to the new psychiatrist I have, I should be dead. 

Can you tell me if there could be (or have seen) any permanent neurological or internal damage? I have been unable to walk since then, my legs shake really bad when I stand, and taking steps is nearly impossible.

My legs from the knees down and my feet are also ice cold, like a lack of circulation. But I have feeling in them, and I can move them around. I just can't walk without shaking really bad.

I have been told it could be psychosomatic, or drug induced parkinsons. Have you had any experience with any of this? And could it be permanent, or could I have relapses?

Thank you,

Dear T.-

Sorry to hear this. I'm sorry, I don't think I can tell you whether or not there might be "permanent damage". Even if I knew much more, I would be hesitant to comment, as in your circumstances I would think you must find yourself swinging back and forth between a terrible fear that this is indeed permanent, versus trying to find and maintain some hope that it will improve or perhaps even go away completely. That is a very delicate balance, I would think and only someone with very firm knowledge should come in and tip the balance in one direction or another.

As to whether it could be "psychosomatic", again I should not comment directly. I'll just point out that many cases of "psychosomatic" symptoms are discovered later to have a physical basis, so that in general I lean away from this assumption. Good luck to you. We can all hope for the best for you.

Dr. Phelps 

Published April, 2007


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