Thoughts on These Factors & Bipolar II
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Q:  Thoughts on These Factors & Bipolar II

Since my diagnosis on 23/12/04 i have been delving into my past to try to explain why i have this condition and feel i have found several factors which have possibly had a strong influence in triggering it.

 1. born into dysfunctional family with shame guilt and secrets causing co dependancy and low self esteem.

 2. Severe asthma aggrevated by repeated over exposure to coal fire fumes, gas hob fumes and lead paint fumes.

 3. Severe stress and possible trauma from not being able to breath .

 4. excess cortisol and adrenalin production dur to stress and anxiety. due to some of above.

 5. Taking Ephadrine for Asthma. possibly interfering with adrenalin production which is connected with and linked with being bad for Bi polar sufferers.

 6. One or more of the above resulting in symptoms of Attention deficit disorder.

 7. Co dependant addictive people pleasing and workaholic tendencies causing adrenalin rush to sustain a feel good buzz to be loved and accepted.

 8. binge eating disorder (carbs and fats)

 9. over exertion causing adrenal exhaustion
and burn out.

 10. severe emotional stress

 11. resulting in Bi Polar 2 diagnosis but with self recognised aspects and symptoms

Chemical sensitivity
M.E/Cronic fatigue/fibremyalgia symptoms.

undiagnosed Blood sugar imbalance problems
(hypoglycemia / Diabetes)

Symptoms of Candida Albicans and recurrent Kidney stones.

Your thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.


Dear H. --

Yes, I follow your logic. Many of the factors you have listed are recognized as capable of worsening mood disorders. The codependency part bothers me a little, as being dependent on others to some degree is part of the human condition. But as you are aware, being too dependent can become a bad thing. Once again, the middle ground seems to work best.

Many of my patients have many of the same factors in their history. Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia seem in my experience to be associated with mood disorders that are harder to treat, harder to get a really good outcome -- but not impossible. 

Good luck with yours --

Dr. Phelps

Published October, 2007

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