Lithium & Feeling Mentally Slow/dull
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Q:  Lithium & Feeling Mentally Slow/dull

Dr Phelps,

I have been on a low dose of lithium (625 mg) for about three weeks.  I am feeling mentally slower on the uptake in two areas 1) playing my violin in orchestra concerts  (my profession)   and 2) in writing letters and conversing with others on a more-than-strictly-practical level.

Apart from this side effect, which is disturbing to me, I feel *very* stable and basically cheery.

I have two questions:

Does the effect of feeling mentally slow or dull go away with time?  If so, how much time?

Also, if I should go off lithium and then come back to it later on, will it be as effective in treating my other symptoms?

I am diagnosed with Bipolar 2.

Thanks so much.

Dear Ms. N --

In my experience with lithium, the effect you are describing does not usually go away with time. Sometimes a very small dose reduction can maintain the benefits and diminish that side effect to an acceptable degree. Indeed, sometimes we have to wonder: is the lithium-you closer to the real you? the not-so-accelerated-you? Or is this a side effect? In general, I lean strongly in the direction of assuming that this is a side effect, because it is certainly not one I want to saddle my patients with. They will not tolerate it for long, for one thing. And it can really interfere with quality-of-life, as you describe. However, asking that question (side effect, or therapeutic effect?) is an important one before considering moving on to alternatives.. 

Your second question is also a very important one: if you go off, and then come back, can you count on the benefits you are currently getting still being there on return? Unfortunately, nothing in my business comes with a guarantee. You may have read about lithium being "less effective" when it is restarted after having been discontinued. I think most of that reputation is in association with sudden discontinuation, where we do indeed have several studies showing a very high likelihood of symptom recurrence and subsequent "lithium resistance", at least relative to the response to lithium prior to the stoppage.

Some of that subsequent "lithium resistance" might be a worsening of the illness during the period in which it was not only not controlled, but perhaps quite suddenly made worse by the sudden cessation of lithium.

Therefore, I am much less certain that we need to fear the loss of benefit from lithium in circumstances like yours: low dose, Bipolar II, planned cessation after short duration on the medication. But unfortunately, as I say, there is no guarantee. Perhaps it might be a little reassuring that for patients in your circumstance, a fear that we might not be able to get good symptom control with other strategies, and then not be able to get it either with lithium restarted, would not be a major factor in the decision making process. However, your circumstances might warrant more caution: there could be other variables, such as how many other strategies you had tried before this, that would affect this decision.

Good luck figuring out your next step.

Dr. Phelps


Published January, 2008

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