Lost Weight after Being Tapered Off Zyprexa by Doc
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Q:  Lost Weight after Being Tapered Off Zyprexa by Doc

My husband was on 5mg Zyprexa daily. Due to the side effects, his doctor started him on Lamictal. He ramped up to 200mg daily of Lamictal. After stabilizing at 200mg Lamictal, he tapered off Zyprexa over a period of 2 months. About two weeks after completely stopping Zyprexa, he started losing weight - about 15% of his body weight over 3 months. Is it possible that this slow and steady weight loss could be due to the stopping of Zyprexa?

Thank you.

Dear Kim --
That's easy: yes. 

I suppose I should caution others: tapering Zyprexa just to lose weight can lead to disastrous consequences.  In general, one should only consider lowering the dose of a medication after a discussion with one's physician.  This allows the doctor to know what is going on; to offer guidance on how that reduction should take place; and to explain what the potential consequences are, as well as designing a "safety net" in case bad things happen as the dose goes down.

Dr. Phelps

Published May, 2009


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