Asks Dr. Phelps about a Study He's Doing
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Q:  Asks Dr. Phelps about a Study He's Doing

My Dr. wanted me to write you and find out where I can look and read about a new study that she said you have been doing.  It is on Bipolar 3.  She said it isn't about the person having bipolar but that you guys are finding out that some peoples body wont react to the depression pills but to some of the bipolar meds.

Thank you for your time.

Dear Autumn --
Perhaps the most official paper on the subject, that I'm involved in, is this one:
Phelps et al. If she would like a copy have her write me ( [email protected] ) and I can send her one.

The less official but more easily read reference on this issue is my book, which McGrawHill titled not me (every time I cite this Iím embarrassed by the brazen marketing): Why Am I Still Depressed?

Finally, thereís my website which is harder to read for hours but has lots of references on this issue:

Tell your doctor thanks for the inquiry.

Dr. Phelps

Published May, 2009


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