Worried about the Effect of All the Medications
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Q:  Worried about the Effect of All the Medications

Your website was suggested by Dr. Nassir Ghaemi in his book, Mood Disorders.

My 34 year old daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about a year ago. She has been on different medications since last August. Currently she is taking Lithium, Zyprexa, and one antidepresant(not sure about the name.)

Her doctor decreased the Zyprexa gradually and my daughter stopped it on July 2nd. But since last Sunday she has been having a very rough time, to the point of being suicidal. Her doctor put her back on Zyprexa and suggested that my daughter needed a long term therapy. She used to see a therapist for about 6 months, but wasn't getting much help.

I am very worried about the effect of all the medications on her. On the other hand her bipolar condition has cost her failing a marriage and losing so many jobs. She is an architect and very bright, yet she could not hold on to her jobs. I appreciate you taking time to replying to this.



Dear Shahla --
Thanks for mentioning Dr. Ghaemi and his book; Iím pleased to know that my website is mentioned in there.

The dilemma you describe is well-known to readers of Bipolar World: medications can have side effects and long-term risks; and yet without them, bipolar disorder can dramatically diminish quality of life -- for the person who has it, and her/his loved ones as well.

Ideally, we could get control of 100% of the symptoms using a treatment with minimal risk, minimal side effects, and minimal cost (though as long as we are wishing for an ideal, perhaps we should just ask for something that would make the condition go away permanently).

In reality, we try to get control of as many symptoms as possible with the least risk, the fewest side effects, and the lowest cost (although sometimes the cost side of things is not very well attended to).

Beyond these well-known platitudes, I might also direct you to the differences of opinion about the role of antidepressants in the treatment of bipolar disorder, which I have summarized on my webpage about Antidepressant Controversies (this page is written primarily for medical professionals, so it will be a little bit more difficult to work your way through it, but try to get the big picture). You should use caution about whether any of that information applies to your daughter's condition; but I think it is worth having, particularly if it seems as though many medications have been required and yet they are still not working well enough.

Once the most destructive and unpleasant symptoms have been reasonably controlled, the long-term process begins: Trying to get progressively more control of symptoms, without adding yet more medications (indeed, while actually trying to decrease their number, or risk, or expense). As you are coming to learn, that process is a very lengthy one, taking years for many people. Often it is difficult to accept the results of the present, except perhaps by reminding oneself how much worse it was at one time and holding onto one's hope that in the future, even where you are now will look bad, compared to where you will have arrived. I hope that proves to be the case for your daughter and you, and the rest of her loved ones.

Dr. Phelps


Published November, 2009


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