Postpartum Mania
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Q:  Postpartum Mania

I did not have mood problems until after I had my two children. I was 24 years old with by 1st child and 27 years old with my second child. I suffered from depression 8 months after my son was born and 8 months after my second child (a girl) was born I suffered from my first manic episode. My doctor has diagnosed me with Bipolar I disorder. But I have no family history of Bipolar. My research on the topic of postpartum mania is that 80% of women return to normal. It has been two and  a half years and I am still on medication. If we lower or take me off the medication I have insomnia and manic systems. Is there still a chance I could get off of medication? And can you guide me to an expert in this field were I can get more answers? Perhaps a researcher.



Thank you for your question.  I will try to address your questions in order.  As for the family history, the most common factor is a history of depression in the bipolar patientís family of origin, so you donít necessarily need to have bipolar illness in your family. As for postpartum mania, I couldnít find the research about 80% of women returning to normal.  Those numbers may be about women with postpartum depression returning normal after treatment.  If you have had a manic episode, that is diagnostic for Bipolar Type I.  The fact that you become manic and have insomnia when taken off of your meds  is further evidence supporting the diagnosis of Bipolar Type I. I would agree with your doctor that you have Bipolar Type I and that you need to stay on your medications as it is a lifelong illness. 

Dr Plyler

Published January, 2011



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