Could It Be a Case of Codependency?
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Q:  Could It Be a Case of Codependency?

Hi Dr
 How can one be diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when there is no real test that can  be done for it as there is for Diabeties. I have read alot about Codependency could it just be a case of this?


Attempting to determine clinical lab tests for the diagnosis of mood disorders is one of the toughest challenges in psychiatry today.  There is a great deal of research being done to answer your exact question but no answers yet.  Psychiatry has instead had to lay out a set of behavioral criteria for each of its diagnoses. These criteria have been very consistent over time for bipolar illness, so I believe they are accurate.  However, that doesn't mean people aren't misdiagnosed.  Codependency issues are primarily focused on relationships with other people and difficulty coping when those relationships don't meet their needs.  Someone with bipolar illness should have consistent mood symptoms (depression, mania/hypomania) over time independent of interactions with others.  I would consult with your psychiatrist if you are concerned about a possible misdiagnosis of bipolar illness and talk to him about your thoughts on codependency.
Dr Plyler 

Published in May, 2011


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